Lazer Lloyd Regional Tour Honoring Our Veterans



Singer/songwriter and guitarist Lazer Lloyd may earn his living as a touring musician winning praise from veteran music writers and major festival founders, but to his fans, he is so much more.

Part guru, part storyteller, he uses his music and words to touch, inspire, encourage, and lift anyone who needs it. The love comes back through copious public and private correspondence.

Meet the man in person, and you experience his kind aura through the eyes that crinkle with his frequent smiles, the humor in his stories, his concern for others and always in the personal attention he gives when listening to you. Meet him on Facebook or Instagram, and even through the lens of social media, his positive message shines through from the lyrics in his music videos to the personal responses he gives to comments, and his hugely popular live Sunday morning Facebook segment – a mix of music, inspiration, and community. See him in concert, and you’re treated to all of it at once – the stories, the care, and the love all delivered with his masterful musicianship and amazing guitar work. Not to mention that deep, warm voice!

Lloyd brought his unique blend of roots rock, Americana, folk, blues and country with a psychedelic twist to Winston-Salem last May to perform a concert to benefit area food pantries. He will return to the area on Thursday, November 1st to perform a show at Muddy Creek Cafe and Music Hall as part of his We Love Our Veterans Tour. The focus of this tour is to honor those who serve and raise awareness of the issues facing veterans. He has long had a special relationship with veterans and a commitment to honoring them, which is evident by the rapport he enjoys with his many fans who are vets, both on tour and on social media. He has performed for many service-oriented communities across the country, including The Fraternal Order of the Eagles, The Amvets, VFW and American Legion Posts, and he supports a variety of causes such as Vet 22 (veteran suicide awareness and prevention), A Touching Tribute (The Long War Memorial) and Stand Down (helping veterans in need).

Born and raised in the U.S., as a young man he followed a musical path to Israel where he still makes his home with his wife and children. Lloyd plays many gigs in Israel, and tours about half of the rest of the year, meeting people from all over the country and world, listening to their life stories, absorbing their struggles and victories. The We Love Our Vets Tour will highlight some specific issues faced by many vets, like struggling to re-integrate into society, food insecurity and unemployment. He will also use the tour to provide inspiration and encouragement through music and show appreciation by offering vets free or discounted tickets. He anticipates many touching moments, lots of laughter, probably a few tears but most importantly the honor of working for and with this country’s heroes. Look for the videos that will tell the whole story of the tour on his Facebook page. Better yet, come experience Lazer Lloyd in person on November 1st in Winston-Salem.




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