Kim Taylor and Company: Relationships Are at the Heart of Interior Design

Your house is likely your largest investment and chances are good that between sleeping and waking hours, you spend more time there than anywhere else. Making your house a home begins with adding colors, fabrics, textiles and accessories that tell the story of ‘you.’ But knowing how to pull a room or an entire house together can be overwhelming. For the past 32 years, Kim Taylor, interior designer and owner of Kim Taylor and Company, a home accessory and gift store, has been working with clients to give their living spaces a personal touch.

A Personal Process

If you haven’t used a designer before, it’s a very personal process. You spend a lot of time with your designer and will share information of your tastes, likes and dislikes that will make your result one that you and your designer can both be proud of. “From my very first client, what I do has always been about the relationship I establish with my client. When I meet with a client for the first time, I get a feel for not only what they do like, but sometimes, more importantly what they don’t like. I like to know as soon as possible if something I suggest is liked or not; I have thick skin and my feelings aren’t hurt if my client says, ‘I don’t like that fabric or style.’ My job is to make your house a reflection of you, not of me. When asked ‘If this were your house, what would you do?’ I’ll tell them, but in the end, giving your house the look and feel that you want is what I am here to do,” said Kim.

Design-by-the-numbers Versus Modern Mix of Styles

One thing that sets Kim Taylor apart from designers you may see on social media sites, is that she doesn’t believe in ‘design-by-the-numbers,’ but prefers a more modern mix.

“I think a room is more interesting and has a timeless look with varying shades, furniture and accessories that don’t match. For instance, mid-century style is very popular now, but you don’t want an entire room or house done in that. But you can work items from that style into a room. A room should look like an original piece of art and not a ‘paint by the numbers’; by mixing in traditional, contemporary and other styles, as well as a client’s personal touches, you get a room or house that makes the statement the client wants,” commented Kim.

A Client’s Point of View

One of Kim’s long time clients is Lori White of Clemmons, NC. She originally worked with Kim when she and her husband built their home in 2001 and has done several renovations with Kim over the years.

“I first met Kim when I was shopping in her store many years ago. When we built our home, Kim and I already had a friendship and I knew we would work well together. We are currently working on a renovation at our home, and once again, Kim has been a great designer and friend in the process. She really focuses on getting to know you and what your ideas are for your home and more than anything, she is about our relationship as client and designer and as friends. I get a lot of ideas from Instagram and I bring those ideas or maybe a vision I have for a room to Kim, and she pulls it together. I am a collector of blue and white porcelain and also like more contemporary black and white art, and she is able to mix those antique porcelain items with my art, working in traditional furniture.

One thing that I really like about Kim is that unlike many designers online, Kim doesn’t have a repetitive look. She is about bringing a fresh look to her designs. She also focuses on what I like, not what she likes. From the first time we worked together, she has always stressed that she wants my house to reflect my husband and mine’s tastes, not hers. I also appreciate that she can work with our budget; she can choose fabrics and accessories that are affordable and financially-friendly,” said Lori.

Questions? Here’s a Suggestion…

In case you don’t know Kim on a personal basis like Lori and her husband, Kim has a suggestion for you.

“I have met many clients over the years through my store, like I met Lori. I suggest that if you want to see what I am about and get to know me, come by the store and we can chat. I not only have home accessories and gifts in my store, but I also have my design business there, too, and have fabrics and ideas that you can look at to get a feel for what I am about as a designer. At the end of any project, the client should feel that they had help creating a space that reflects them and their style—one that tells a personal story and that they can kick back and enjoy a space that exceeds their expectations,” Kim stated.

Kim Taylor and Company is located at 153 S. Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, NC. Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 10 am – 5:30 pm; Saturday 10 am- 3 pm. Closed Sunday. For more information, call 336-722-8503 or visit


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