Keeping It Real: These Bones Talk!

My mind races back to this morning two years ago (March 4). I readied to speak at a conference about “The Power of Prayer,” not knowing that in hours, my whole life would literally be pulled out from under me. I suffered an inexplicable fall, which inflicted catastrophic injuries. No part of it made sense. Doctors said my whole left side looked as if someone had violently slammed porcelain china onto concrete, shattering it into a thousand pieces.

I lay in the hospital for seemingly endless days while experts tried to figure out who could put me back together. As they operated to retrieve the fragments, it was obvious that those bones were crushed beyond repair. The structure had been obliterated. My ability to walk normally was now obliterated, too.

There, amid that mayhem, my husband began doing the strangest thing. He began speaking to my shattered bones. In that hopeless moment, he declared God’s Word over me. It sounded absolutely ridiculous. But I repeated with him: “ALL MY BONES will say, ‘LORD, who is like You!’” (Ps. 35:10) My better half reminded me that God has a Word for every wound. He said: “If we speak God’s Powerful Word into your bones now, they will testify of Him later.” In other words, “Your bones will talk!”

I looked pitiful, pathetic. God’s Word in my mouth sounded absurd, completely delusional, in light of every dire prognosis in front of me. Honestly, I felt as if my words mocked the indescribable pain wracking my being. My mind fought consuming fear like I had never faced. Still…we declared the outrageous Word of God, non-stop, though nothing of my story was aligning with my confession of Faith…

…until it DID!

God not only carried me through that hellish season, He healed my bones so supernaturally that it confounds every doctor involved to this day! They all admit that they have never seen anything like it. My surgeon travels nationwide to teach this very specialized surgery, and he tells about this “star patient,” his worst case who recovered far beyond his patients with significantly less trauma. From a medical standpoint, my catastrophic injuries made no sense, but my incomprehensible miracle didn’t either.

My husband was right! My once shattered-beyond-repair bones talk! They unashamedly testify that there is NO ONE like the Lord! And when God knitted my bones back together, He put fire in them! I am not who I was; He made me better than before! I will spend the rest of my days declaring God’s Greatness!

I don’t know what seeks to swallow your hope, or how long you’ve endured the weightiness of it. It likely feels absurd to speak God’s Word into that desperate place. But hear me. The more ridiculous it seems, the more powerful it is.

We must become comfortable with uncomfortable. Let’s stop worrying about how our Faith appears to others who have no power to change our situation. Your surrender will look ridiculous to the world…but your miracle will, too!

Speak to that depression, that fear and doubt, that irreconcilable relationship. When you believe God more than you believe anything else, His all-powerful WORD is kryptonite to that thing seeking to overtake you. That’s the key that unlocks the door…when you believe GOD more than you believe anything else!

Now excuse me while I go run on the treadmill! These bones not only walk without a limp; they RUN strong! These bones talk! They testify that My God still does miracles so great! There’s nothing my God cannot do…and not just for me, but for YOU, too!

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