Keeping It Real: The Tipping Point


Is it just me, or are you feeling the weight of the hour, too? So many significant things seem to be hanging in the balance. Governments and economies hang by a thread. Significant situations in our own lives feel increasingly fragile, too.

Our inability to squash the things that seek to squash us leaves us feeling small and weak. We lose steam, and the burden of it all makes us wonder why we keep trying. (If this is you, stay with me!)

Imagine for a moment that the daunting situation in your life sits on a scale. That dire circumstance hangs in the balance. No matter what you do, nothing changes. But hear me…

that’s only what it FEELS like.

In reality, every small step in the right direction draws us closer to the tipping point of that scale. In one moment, what once seemed impossible slides toward “possible!” (Y’all! Every step in God’s direction tilts you closer to “possible!”)

Something that once seemed lesser now becomes GREATER! The situation incrementally gains momentum until the result becomes unstoppable! You discover the breaking point. Actually, YOU DISCOVER THE BREAKTHROUGH POINT! (Big difference!)

Are you getting this? A tipping point is that watershed moment which alters the trajectory of a thing. Something that once teetered in the balance now takes off in your favor and overtakes the obstacle that stood in your way.

Speaking of something small that takes off and cannot be reversed…let’s talk ‘mustard seed.’ It’s one of the tiniest seeds in all of the botanical world. In fact, it’s smaller than a speck of pepper. For real! It would seem powerless to fight even a flea. YET, once this tiny but mighty seed takes root, it gradually inches toward that tipping point where it cannot be destroyed! (I’m telling you the truth!)

Once that infinitesimal seed reaches that breakthrough moment, you can try stomping it down, burning it out, even tearing it up. Have at it! It’s not going anywhere!

And get this: once that tiny seed hits that threshold, it aggressively takes out everything in its way. This minuscule mustard seed is the most feared plant in all of Israel because once it reaches that tipping point, it becomes indestructible!

Are we connecting the dots? Jesus is essentially saying, “When your Faith is in ME…not your skills, or experience, or connections…when your heart is wholly fixed on the King and His Kingdom…THEN look out because breakthrough is coming! No matter what it looks like in this moment, as you keep acting in Faith…your tipping point hastens. And from there, you take out the thing that tried to take out you!” (Luke 13:18-19, Lanierian Translation)

Friends, just as the mustard seed grows strong, secure, and able to withstand all conditions, God desires that your Faith in Him become that unstoppable!

Keep taking that next step. Keep believing even when nothing seems different. Keep trusting when you want to quit.

Step of Faith…by step of Faith…you inch closer to that tipping point when the Faith inside you becomes indestructible in all seasons and situations. From that place, all God has spoken over your life comes to pass and no one alive can stop it! Oh, Hallelujah!

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