John Bost:  A Catalyst for Change


Some people embrace every moment life has to offer for the gift it is. And usually, these are the movers and shakers within our communities – the visionaries.  In Clemmons, that person is John Bost.  In his 72 years, he’s been known by various titles, including teacher, education reformer, church leader, entrepreneur, mayor, not to mention his prized roles of husband, father, and grandfather.  A lifelong student, Mr. Bost has lived a rich and impactful life that has left a lasting legacy not only on those who personally know him, but also on the community.

And now we have a book that chronicles this living legacy.  “A Catalyst for Change” is a timely publication that recounts the decades of Mr. Bost’s experience and leadership expertise.  But the foundation of it all is all about relationships.  As Mr. Bost so astutely states in his book, “Relational Capital – relationships built on mutual trust and respect – is the most precious asset you will ever own.”

With a blend of wit, common sense, and relational acumen as his driving force, John Bost shares story after story that demonstrates the power of relationships.  In truth, it’s hard to put his book down.  Whether you know Mr. Bost personally or not, his writing style is full of charm and is engaging – inviting the reader to experience and in a way, re-live the memories with him.  And through the process, the reader is invited to hope…. Something we desperately need these days.

“When I wrote the book,” said Mr. Bost, “I didn’t realize how timely the message would be.  The book was written pre-COVID and published in June 2020.  I had no idea that we would be facing a global pandemic or the racial tensions and unrest of the last several months.  But the book’s timely arrival has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially as people seek answers in a world that feels like it’s gone crazy!”

“A Catalyst for Change” offers both wisdom and solutions.  “I really believe in being others-oriented,” said Mr. Bost.  “It’s the simplest thing.  We make things so complicated, but the answer lies in humanizing others, treating them with fairness and kindness (the way we ourselves want to be treated!), and understanding what community really means – ‘common unity.’”

Through real-life examples, Mr. Bost paints a picture of how community can be, and certainly his background is a testament to this truth.  “From my time in the classroom to the years I spent in the business world and real estate development to my three terms as mayor of Clemmons, there’s a common thread – people invest in people.  Whether it’s fundraising or investing, people don’t give to programs; they give to people they believe in.  Again, it all comes full-circle back to relationships.”

As the reader comes to the end of “A Catalyst for Change,” Mr. Bost extends a second invitation – for the reader to don the mantle for change, too.  “Everyone can make a difference, and we have a responsibility to one another to do our part,” said Mr. Bost.  “We need to encourage each other.  To be generous.  To be helpful.  To fearlessly pursue what is right, fair, and just.  To leave our world a better place than we found it.”

Indeed, Mr. Bost has provided a roadmap for those willing to take the challenge to be a catalyst for change.

John Bost’s book, “A Catalyst for Change,” can be found on  You can also learn more about Mr. Bost, including his blog and other books on 


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