The Ins and Outs of an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

One of the first steps in wedding planning is choosing between an indoor or outdoor venue. Here are some pros and cons of each to narrow down your decision!



Creative venues. Indoor wedding choices can range anywhere from your home church to a ballroom to one’s own living room! Based on your style and personality, you may even opt for a nontraditional venue such as an elegant, historic library or an art museum, if they offer wedding venue rentals.

Weather protection. Because weather can be so unpredictable, indoor weddings can be ideal. Of course, you will need strong shelter to protect from the rain, snow, wind, or scorching heat. Indoor venues are handy because they provide cool shelter on 100-degree days and a warm, dry shelter from cold, wet and wintry days. So please keep the weather in mind when contemplating venues.

Numerous design options. Depending on the type of indoor venue you choose, you can allow your creativity to explode when tinkering with design ideas. If the venue alone doesn’t offer much range of visual design, you can get inventive with decorating seats, the aisle, pews, or the altar. Keep in mind, the simpler the venue appears the more you can decorate it and the more intricate the venue is designed, the less you may have to decorate.

Intimate setting. Most of the time, being indoors compels intimacy between guests and loved ones and will help cultivate conversation. So, an indoor wedding will definitely add an intimate mood to the atmosphere and will help everyone to focus their attention on the couple.

Nice and private. Say you don’t want to publicize the wedding to the point where it begins to feel as though you were putting on a glam show rather than focusing on holy matrimony. If you want a small ceremony that is closed off from the public with a limited guest list, then an indoor wedding is perfect!


Spacing. Space constraints can be a problem if you’re opting for a large crowd. Have in mind the size of your guest list before and during your venue search. If the space is too small, guests may feel cramped and it’s not good to have a vast area with very few guests (which is also not good for your pockets).

Venue pricing. Depending on your venue of choice, prices will fluctuate. It’s probably more affordable to hold your ceremony at a church. The more elegant, elaborate, and spacious your spot is, the higher the prices will be. Unless the venue offers wedding packages, remember that you still must pay for other goods such as catering, music, and decorations.




Spacious. You wouldn’t have to worry about space constraints here! The majority of outdoor venues naturally have more space than indoor ones. Most of the time, receptions are held in the same area rather than indoor ones where the guests may have to drive to the reception.

Family-friendly. Outdoor venues usually offer space for children to run around during the reception. Kids loveplaying outdoors, so make sure they can be content as well.

Offers adequate scenery. Many couple and guests will enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them. Attractive scenery also provides a natural backdrop for photos, natural lighting, and even less decorating!

Wide selection of venues.Just like indoor ceremonies, outdoor ceremonies carry on a wide range of venues.Couples can opt to wed at a garden, a park, on the beach, in a vineyard, or even a farm!


Venue pricing. If the outdoor venue you choose doesn’t come with a package deal, you will have to pay for the other wedding goods and these expenses can add up. Make sure you save your money and plan well in advance.

Unpredictable weather. These days, it’s hard to predict the weather. It’s especially stressful when planning an outdoor wedding. Be mindful of the time of year and location, coupled with the weather. A great back up plan is doing the wedding and reception in an elegant, sturdy tent.

Lastly, keep the needs of elders and children in mind when narrowing down your options, as your guests’ contentment matters, too!



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