Hustle & Heart: Practicing Gratitude in Your Business with Customers & Clients

What are you thankful for in your business?

I know it’s a simple question, but in a world where misery loves company, it can be too easy to focus on the negative and the things in our business we wish we could change. If you are the face behind a brand or helping run a small business, then, of course, you understand the daily frustrations and stressors that come with the job. I invite you to take a moment as you’re reading this and think about the customers and clients that make your business possible.

Maybe it’s an online order with a stranger behind the screen that you’ll never meet or a local repeat customer whom you enjoy chatting with at the register. When we pause to remember that these people trusting us with their time and money are such a big part of what we do, it’s a good time to think about how we show our gratitude.

Make It Personal  

There are so many ways you can exhibit a heart of thankfulness and appreciation to those special parts of your business, but finding ways that fit both your personality, resources, and brand are all important factors! You may assume that showing gratitude to your audience needs to come with a pricey sales tag, but the truth is, some of the best forms of showing them that they matter can be inexpensive, if not completely free. Think about who you are as a brand and the things that are important to your mission and vision and how you can incorporate these things when giving thanks. Your goal should be to have every customer your business interacts with to know they are genuinely cared about and appreciated. After all, they are choosing you instead of the thousands of other businesses they could spend their resources with.

Your Words Matter

Don’t complicate things! Sometimes a simple “thank you for coming in” or “thanks for your purchase” goes a long way. We can’t expect people to assume we’re grateful for them, so saying it can really help. Also, understand that those window shoppers or client leads that don’t necessarily equal immediate dollars in your pocket are still just as worthy of appreciation. Many times they spread the word about what you do to others who do become paying customers or continue to keep your business in mind for when they eventually do decide the time is right. Be sure to say thank you, whether in person or over email, to both current and past customers and let them know something specific you are thankful for.  

Sending a Sweet Surprise

If you’ve been a rock star at giving thanks face-to-face, think about going that extra mile to send some gratitude when your customers least expect it. This can be a simple email after an event thanking them for coming by or inviting them to your next big sale. You can put together something personal and have fun creating a client appreciation gift to send. Do you take up information like birthdays or anniversaries when working with new clients? If so, sending an inexpensive card in the mail for their special occasion is a great way to show them that you care beyond just the transaction value they provide. Think about how to add a smile to their face without going overboard on your end.  

Reminding them You Care

Looking to make your customers repeat offenders when it comes to purchasing and booking from you? Create a strategy led by gratitude to remind them that you’re there next time they need you. Send special promo codes and discounted offers inviting them to work with you or shop with you again. Mark your calendar for special holidays throughout the year and shoot over some on-brand holiday well wishes in their inbox or mailbox. Do you have any special announcements for your business that your clients may be interested in or benefit from? Create a newsletter that shares the information and lets them know why you wanted to make sure they saw it first.



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