Hustle & Heart: How to Discover Your Brand’s Personality (And Why It Matters)

If your business desires to create a powerful brand that connects with its customers, then one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is to look beyond looks!

Your branding is so much more than aesthetics! Your logo, colors, fonts, prints and patterns and all the other visual aspects of your brand can be absolutely breathtaking but fall short if it isn’t partnered with what really matters.

So, what is that exactly? Your brand’s personality! Just like the individual characteristics that make each of us who we are,  your branded elements come together to strike a chord with people and set it apart from just another business.

When was the last time you stopped to think about your own brand’s personality and the impact it’s making on your business? Here are a few key elements to think about to help create a high impact brand with all the personality you can muster!

Passions & Values

Ask Yourself: What sets your soul on fire and fuels your heart each day?

You’d be surprised how much people connect with brands over their shared values. Think about all of the important issues at the center of the world these last few years that were echoed amongst the businesses you love. I’m sure you felt connected to them in those moments of shared passion. As a brand, think about what is really important to you at the core and how you can incorporate that into the way your brand shows up in the world. Maybe you express empathy and compassion openly or make a priority out of educating on specific issues and opportunities through your content.

Unique Qualities & Talents

Ask Yourself: What do people know you for/what makes you special?

These days it can feel like every market is oversaturated which is why you have to dig deep to stand out from the crowd. What makes your brand special? What unique qualities can you begin to be known for in your business that customers will immediately associate you with when they think of it? It really is the little things that matter most so be intentional when you are thinking about what you want to highlight about your business that you know isn’t just another “business” claim, but a genuine authentic part of your personality.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Ask Yourself: What comes natural to you and what do you excel at?

There are some things that you can talk about in your sleep, specific things in life that you have always excelled at, or even the strengths you fought to grow in. Those are an important part of who you are as a brand. Building content and marketing around the things you can teach your audience or entertain them with –  this is gold! There will always be something out there that seems “sexy” for businesses to be doing since it’s popular but don’t get tricked into playing up your weaknesses just because it’s what’s “in.” Instead, lean into the things that you are strong at and consistently capitalize on them.

Feelings & Emotions

Ask Yourself: How do you want to make people feel?

The very core of marketing is emotion – we all want our customers to feel something that leads them to buy from us. Your brand’s personality should be rooted in not only who you are, but how you want to make others feel. Are you a brand that empowers and encourages? Are you a brand that understands and empathizes? Are you a feel-good brand bringing out the party vibes? From the words on your website to the Instagram stories you share, think about how you can show this part of your brand’s personality to connect with consumers.

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month, challenge yourself to identify your brand personality by paying attention to what you are already putting out into the world through your website, marketing, shop, services, and more. Review each of the above categories and ask yourself how you are showing up vs. how you want to shift things for the future.  


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