Hustle & Heart: 5 Things You Can Do to Grow Your Business (That have Nothing To Do With Sales!)


Feeling a semblance of control when it comes to growing your business can make all the difference. In this season we’ve been in, that feeling may have been in short supply.

Let’s be honest, some of us have had an unfair amount of change and new things added to our already full plate in the last few months and spending limited time on business is the reality. For those who have been juggling working from home, running their side hustle, homeschooling kids, cooking and cleaning, doomsday prepping, and what have you – this month’s article is for you!

While sales are such an important part of every small business, it’s important to remember that there are many small things you can do to make a difference outside of just selling your goods and services. Here are five things that take minimal time, money, and effort that you can put in place during this season and make an impact.

Check-In With Your Hustle During this time 

Take some time to ask yourself how things are going in your business and how you are feeling. How is your business set up for this season? Has it been able to support you? Are your products and services diverse enough to allow for virtual offerings? These can help you make some tweaks that you may not have thought about previously in the year. Don’t forget to check in on yourself as well and think about how your business feels right now. Are you finding it difficult to breathe and stay calm running things? Do you have the energy for your business, or are you distracted or unmotivated? Are you feeling more creative than ever before? Think about your answers and help make guided decisions as you approach this next season.

Organize All the Things and Prepare for What’s Next

Doing little things like choosing to set aside small increments of time to get organized can make you not only feel more in control but add up to make a big impact! Start with physical organization and attack things like your desk, old receipts, office supplies, notebooks, and organizers. Next, get Virtually organized by spending some designating time to clean out your inbox, update client records, file contracts, and invoices, update Quickbooks, dropbox, and google drive. Last but not least, is getting mentally organized! Think about your plans for the future, such as marketing campaigns, event schedules, new goals, product or service launches, and more.

Communicate with Your Customers and Audience

If ever there was a time to show up a brand, it’s NOW! Even when it can feel a little difficult to be present on social media or in your email list, your customers are there and want to hear from you. Just show up authentically and don’t be afraid to be real and be you. Lean into how you are feeling and the things that you’re looking forward to in your business or in this season most. If you are concentrating on selling currently, that’s great – talk about it! If you are stepping back to concentrate on what’s next, that’s also great – talk about it. Utilize time to create email marketing campaigns, social media posts, send happy mail to clients or previous customers. Take some time to communicate and keep building and nurturing relationships.

Reevaluate Your Product and Pricing Strategy

Explore your current offerings, such as your product inventory and services. This is one of the best things you can do during off times in your business! What have been your best sellers and worst sellers? Make some changes accordingly to benefit your inventory and sales. Have you done any market research to validate what you sell, such as taking a poll or survey? There may be new findings based on what your audience has to say! Consider looking at your business through a new lens and think about new ways you can offer something, such as creating packages where you sell different things together in a higher value or more attractive way.

Brain Dump Exercises

If you’re unfamiliar with a brain dump exercise, this is some of the greatest 10 to 15 minutes you can spend in your day. Low time commitment with big impact makes for a great mix! Grab a pen and paper or open up a blank word document and give yourself time to just brainstorm and dump all your ideas out in front of you. You can think of a specific topic and let yourself go to town pouring out ideas. Is there a product or service you’ve been thinking about launching? Has a rebrand been on your list for a while? Are you trying to name your business or an offer you have? Remove any rules and let ideas flow, and you’ll be amazed at what you can discover in those exercises.


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