How to Be More Social as an Introvert

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been more on the quiet, introverted side. I have always considered myself to be more of a “quiet leader.” I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, but I have a hard time always having the desire to participate in social activities. As I have gotten older, I have realized how important it is to be involved in social activities. I feel happier and more fulfilled in my life when I spend time with people. However, I understand how it can be hard to put yourself in social situations if you are an introverted person. As I have participated in more social activities recently, I have created a list of helpful tips which I share below on how to be more social even when it feels difficult to put yourself in those situations.

  • Spend Time with Familiar People: I have found it helpful to attend social events with people that I know. For instance, if I know at least one person that will be at a social event, it helps me feel more comfortable. Sometimes I will even invite a friend with me to social events. By knowing at least one person, I do not feel as anxious. I know it is not always possible to invite a friend to come with you to events, but if you can, then I would greatly encourage you to do that. If someone you know invites you to an event, I would recommend going because knowing one person will help you feel more at ease.
  • Start with One Event at a Time: I have also found it easier to get involved in social events/activities when I start slowly versus getting involved with multiple things at one time. By trying something new or putting yourself out there slowly, you will feel less overwhelmed. For example, in college, I have found it easier to join one club and see how it goes versus trying to join multiple clubs at one time. Additionally, when I joined Washington Park CrossFit, I was able to slowly meet new people by attending a few classes during the week. By slowly getting involved in activities and putting myself out there to meet new people, I have gained confidence and a desire to continue getting involved in more activities. By giving myself time to adjust to new social settings, I have felt less anxious and more excited to try new opportunities.
  • Have a Balance: I believe it is important to have a balance between being social and having time to yourself as an introvert. While I do love spending time with people and being social, I also value my time being by myself where I will read, journal, listen to music or watch a movie. By having time to myself, I feel more energized, and I look forward to spending time with people. I feel that if you try to attend too many social events then there is a chance of feeling burnt out. On the other hand, if you try to avoid social events, there is a chance of feeling lonely. Therefore, having a balance between being social and being by yourself can help you to feel more well-rested and connected to people in your life. 

I hope that this article will encourage people who may feel overwhelmed with getting involved in social activities. I have gained confidence and enjoyed getting involved in more activities by spending time with people that I know, getting involved slowly and maintaining a good balance between going out and being at home.


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