How Hard Is It To Wear a Mask?

As I’m sitting at Sheets, filling my car with gas and doing a quick run for some ice, I see a business truck that says ‘Safety is my goal’ on it. I’ve seen this advertised on TV, and written on service vans and trucks, but I rarely see any of the people who get out these vehicles wearing a mask. All the staff members of Sheets are wearing masks, but none of the customers. So what I do see, sadly, is a lot of people who don’t care for their own health now acting with the same lack of concern for others.

Do the patrons really believe this pandemic is over just because we have partial openings of businesses, and because our state and national leaders are ignoring the best medical advice? We could do both: protect the economy and protect those who are at risk by simply wearing a mask.  Or do these people believe that it’s not their part of the social contract to protect those in society who are at risk?

This is the true reason we have a medical disaster with over 100,000 deaths (mostly in elderly and minorities), millions uninsured at risk and a health system that is broken. We have people who don’t care about their own health and as a result, act out behaviors that create more disease. But now the disease is spreading to others because of a lack of responsible social behavior in a system that is designed to have maximum utilization, and therefore minimal capacity to expand in a pandemic. Unfortunately, we have grown numb to the lack of consideration of others and we think it’s just part of the normal behavior. But it’s not!  It is the lack of consideration of many selfish, inconsiderate fools who don’t want to do the minimum social behavior of wearing a freaking mask! I wear a mask for 8 to 12 hours straight where I work; are you really complaining of having to wear a mask for a couple of hours per day?  Get real! When you’re home, take it off because you’re not affecting anyone, but if someone comes over, putting on a mask is the least you can do.

Take a look at pictures that were taken between the 1918 flu and 1920; everyone is wearing a mask! That was the only treatment in those days: prevention. Here in 2020, there is no vaccine, there is no treatment – there is only precaution and prevention. We need to get back to the mindset of 1918 after 50 million people lost their lives. People back then understood the idea of wearing a mask. Things have not really changed, and despite what any of our leaders do or do not do, we need to wear masks.



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