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You’ve likely heard the allegory of using a jar, rocks, pebbles, and sand as an example of how to prioritize the important things in life to maximize the amount of time you have for each. The rocks represent the most essential items; typically, these pertain to family members such as parents, children, siblings and the health or well-being of said people. Pebbles represent things such as careers, jobs, sports, and school. The sand represents other, less significant things, such as a car, boat, and other material possessions.

If you grab a handful of each all at once and drop them into the jar, it all won’t fit, and many large rocks, your most cherished items, will fall to the side, never making it into the jar.

To maximize the items that will fit in the jar, you must start with the rocks. It makes sense as the rocks represent the most important things in life. If the sand or pebbles were placed before the rocks, fewer rocks would fit. Continue this pattern with the pebbles and, finally, the sand. As sand is added, falling in between the gaps, it slowly fills up the jar to full capacity.

The point of this exercise is to help us realize how imperative it is to prioritize our most important things and how we intentionally spend our time. It also shows us how the little things command a substantial amount of space.

It’s good to revisit this exercise at different seasons in life. Important items may not change, though our focus probably does, and this can easily skew how we treat our priorities.

Retirement is a season with more time and flexibility to adjust how we fill the jar. There’s an opportunity to regain focus and agency over our daily lives, while still wanting to maximize the contents of the jar, the order, and the number of items that fit. Consider the contents in terms of time. We think we’d focus most of our time on the most important things, family and health. Most days, though, that’s not where our time is spent. Our time is largely spent on the pebbles and sand. In retirement, the pebbles and sand, in terms of time, can support the rocks, our most treasured things. Health, happiness, and family can fill the entire jar.

Retirement communities are focused on maximizing residents’ days. With the support of an entire community, residents spend more time doing the things they love without prior hassles of home maintenance, burdens of cooking and cleaning, and fears of isolation, safety, and health. Through group outings, entertainment, and dining services, the residents are supported in their goal to live life fully, maintain good health, and have fun. Maintenance-free living, executive chef dining services, social and wellness programs – the list goes on.

Holiday seasons help us focus on the rocks. The team at Homestead Hills begins preparations for the holidays months in advance so Members can prioritize their rocks. The team members’ expertise in providing high-end, stress-free holiday seasons for its Members derives from their guiding principle, People First, Always.

If the rocks in your jar that represent family, friends, health, and happiness, align with the social lifestyle, services, safety, and amenities offered at Homestead Hills, call the Lifestyle Advisors at (336) 770-2024. They are ready to answer your questions and help you find the community that is right for you.


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