Home Bound? Explore Options for Making Money Online


Maybe you lost your job or need another stream of income. Or, maybe you just want some extra spending money. Good news! There are options for working online and from home to support yourself and your family financially.

First, conduct a personal assessment and decide what you are best at. Stick with two main things: 1) what you love, and 2) what you are good at. Hopefully, they go hand-in-hand. You’ll be a lot better off when you have a strong sense of who you are.


Rather be your own boss? Consider becoming an entrepreneur, starting your own business, and working from home. You will save money on transportation and not have to travel far for food and drink. But, before you jump into your new role of becoming a CEO, remember to do your research, plan out your business with a thorough business plan, consider your contacts and prospective customers/clients, and also figure out a plan B in case your business doesn’t pan out. It’s always smart to have a back-up plan.


Are you an expert or particularly knowledgeable about something – be it math, music, cooking, or Spanish? You can make money and pass on what you know. There are plenty of opportunities to coach, teach, tutor, and mentor that you can explore. Want to teach a language, but only know English? Consider teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) and work in the comfort and convenience of your own home, teaching students from all around the world.


For those who are creative and good at photography and/or graphic design, consider selling your prints online and getting them printed on t-shirts, bags, mugs, and other products that show off your work. Branding can become your business. Enjoy customizing and personalizing? Offer your photography and graphic design services to clients who can make your creative work their own.


Not everyone wants to buy something that’s brand new. When it comes to books, household goods, and cars, sometimes used items and vehicles can be in high demand. Make a list of all the things you can resell and make note of their condition. Before you just drop ‘em off at your local consignment store or chuck ‘em in the garbage, decide if you want to resell them online. Yes, it can be some extra work to get them listed, follow up with customers and ship them out, but depending on the value of the item, it can be worth the extra effort.


You don’t even need to be good at writing to have your own blog and make money off of it. You can hire a writer or write your own. Keep your voice (and branding) authentic and consistent. Let it reflect the true and unique you, your brand, and your business. Check out other blogs and network with other bloggers to keep building your knowledge and resources. Be sure to include visuals with your copy since people are accustomed to being visually stimulated (and enticed). Words alone usually won’t cut it, so add in at least one image and/or video. Want professional photos, but don’t have any? Try a free account on Pixabay.com. Search for keywords and download professional stock photos to use in your blog posts.


Other ways to make money online: online surveys, referral programs, write reviews, write eBooks, sell your music, edit/proofread articles and/or books, become a translator, become a virtual assistant, podcasting, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, data entry, develop an app, create/edit promotional vids, and design/develop websites.

Think of the world as your oyster! Money doesn’t make the world go ‘round, but we all need it to survive. Enjoy the process and reward yourself along the way. A little positive reinforcement can’t hurt. Be practical, don’t expect too much too soon (be patient) and just do the best you can to make it work. Happy money making! And, even if you’re still low on means, you can always be rich in spirit!


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