BE Healthy: Mother/Daughter Workouts – Finding the Right Accountability Partner

Along with warmer temperatures and college graduations, May means Mother’s Day! And who doesn’t love celebrating their mom? I am fortunate enough to be able to work with my mom every day, and while most people would think we’d get enough of each other from that, she is also my favorite workout partner! We have been working out together for about 10 years. Although we are at different fitness levels and have different goals, working out together is still fun, effective and a great way for us to bond outside of work.

Finding a workout partner, in my opinion, is the key to success. The accountability factor is huge. It is much harder to skip a workout when you know you have someone waiting for you and counting on you. In fact, research shows that if we tell others our goals and plans, we increase our chance of success by 95%! That fact alone should be enough to convince anyone to find a workout buddy.

If you and your mom don’t live in the same town, you can still hold each other accountable via phone calls, emails, texts, weekly check-ins, etc.! (Though I would recommend finding an additional workout partner who does live in the same area as you.)

The accountability of a workout partner shouldn’t end with exercise. Hold each other accountable to your nutrition standards as well. Utilize each other for healthy recipes, ask opinions on what to order at particular restaurants and help each other with meal prepping.

I reached out for a few quotes from family and friends to see how (or if) having a workout partner has helped them reach their goals.

“I have quite a few workout partners. For the past eight years, I have had three people who take cycle at the same time and day as I do, and knowing that they are there and that we have the absolute best time makes me want to go even more! If one of us misses, we check to make sure no one is sick, etc. It makes such a difference having my buddies with me, and we cheer each other on. They’re the best!” ~ Carolyn S. Peterson

“I absolutely love to work out but have no discipline, so a workout partner is vital to get me to the gym. She’s a great inspiration, and I go because she’s there and is a reminder of how good you can look when you are consistent!” ~ Kimberly Van Scoy

“I hired someone to be my nutrition accountability coach. Personally, when I add money to my accountability for a period of time, I’m more focused!” ~ Kimberly Kestner

“I workout solo because that’s my time to focus, think and just be in the zone. My schedule is too crazy to sync up with someone regularly. With that said, I love an accountability partner. My best friend in Florida and I commit to certain things and will text each other or shoot over a gym selfie to encourage one another and stay accountable.” ~ Taryn Jerez

“I have just started a nutrition accountability coach. In talking to the person that has inspired me to do this, he made me realize broken promises and commitments to myself are even worse than others because I should have enough self worth to keep my word to myself!”~ Melinda Childress Payne

Tips for being a great workout partner:

Be positive.

Remind your partner of their goals.

Be flexible.

Check in frequently.

Be on time.


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