Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology: New Location, Same Quality Care


With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a physical, financial, and emotional toll on families throughout the world, there’s no better time to make your health a top priority. In fact, stress over the last year has negatively impacted women’s fertility in terms of menstrual and sleep abnormalities. Many women dread scheduling their annual pelvic exams and mammograms, but seeking routine reproductive health care is imperative in preventing disease and catching problems early on. Although showing up for your annual exam can be scary, being treated by empathetic physicians who genuinely care about their patients’ lives and wellbeing makes the process much more enjoyable. Physicians at Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology balance thoroughly treating their patients with maintaining a family-like atmosphere that keeps them coming back, generation after generation.

Now practicing in a new location on Country Club Road, Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology is conveniently and centrally located for patients throughout the Triad. Although the practice’s building has drastically changed, its motives have remained the same. While large practices may be intimidating for some patients seeking reproductive care, Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology is a happy medium for patients who desire a professional practice utilizing state-of-the-art technology without losing its close-knit, personal atmosphere. Top-notch nurses at Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology are well-versed in easing patients’ fears and alleviating any anxieties they may have. While many OBGYN practices only have one nurse on staff, Hawthorne utilizes two nurses per provider to ensure that doctors have plenty of time to spend with their patients. Hawthorne OBGYN physicians serve the community at North Carolina Baptist Hospital and Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center, with the practice being listed on the employee health benefits preferred provider list at both facilities.

In 1983, Dr. Richard E. Hedrick, Jr. began his solo practice in obstetrics and gynecology, and gradually added board-certified physicians, physician’s assistants, nurses, sonographers, and support staff over the years. The providers at Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology continue to provide patients with high-quality, personalized care. Doctor Kerri R. Scherer, who has been treating patients at Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology since 2003, was driven to enter the field of obstetrics and gynecology when she realized the impact she could have on women during key moments of their lives. “This is a very privileged job to have,” explains Dr. Scherer. “I have the blessing of being present with women during happy times such as pregnancy and labor, but also during difficult times such as miscarriages and cancer diagnoses. I love my job as an obstetrician because I am able to follow my patients throughout various stages of their lives.”

The Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology staff delights in the joy that accompanies families along the journey of pregnancy and delivery. They will help keep a baby’s gender a secret and help in notifying the patient’s family at a patient’s request. With COVID-19 limiting family and visitors both during prenatal care and labor and delivery, providers have supported utilizing multiple electronic devices during ultrasounds, labor, and birth in order for patients to FaceTime family members and virtually include them in these special moments. At this time, Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology is allowing one guest and children with the patient.

Patients at Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology benefit from various services offered, such as 3D digital mammography, state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, and full laboratory services. Additionally, genetic testing for prenatal diagnoses is offered at the practice and gives patients insight into any possible predispositions to high-risk pregnancies and cancers. Home to five doctors, two mid-level physicians, nursing coordinators, and diabetes counselors, Hawthorne patients never have to wonder whether they would receive higher quality care elsewhere.

Ready to schedule an appointment with Hawthorne Obstetrics & Gynecology? Call 336-768-3632 to speak with a staff member. Visit the practice’s website at hawthorneobgyn.com to access the patient portal, read more information on the Hawthorne OBGYN team, and to see location hours and directions.


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