Goldman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery: Lifting Spirits!


Once upon a time it was only when we glanced in a shopping mirror – now it’s a Zoom meeting or a FaceTime chat that brings what we each label our “problem areas” to light!

With more people working from home the last year or two, the “sightings” are even greater, as we see ourselves in a variety of lighting – some flattering and some, not so much!

You might not have expected facial procedures to be so popular during pandemic times, but as practices reopened, surgeons – including Dr. Neal Goldman of the Goldman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery – are seeing a renewed interest in neck lifts. Obviously, recovery time was a prime reason for the rush – as anyone working from home has had the luxury of more private recovery time. Wearing a face mask due to Covid has also proven an excellent way to cover any bruises as your face heals!

With so much time focused on the face, the eyes and neck area are coming more into focus. For most people, those are the key areas they’d most like to improve.

“I’ve been taking care of aging faces in Winston-Salem since 1999,” says Dr. Goldman. “People always ask if a face lift or neck lift is the only answer for lifting jowls.”

If you’re wondering about the term “jowls” here’s the scoop. “As we age, the soft tissue and skin of the lower face begin to descend. Fillers are temporary treatments that can work for early signs of jowling, but the most fool-proof method – a lower facelift with an experienced surgeon  – really provides the best and most long-lasting results,” Dr. Goldman explains.

He and his staff use computer imaging to project the patient’s face and neck area from all angles, and then address – as honestly as possible – any potential limitations. Their goal is to give patients a clear view of what they can realistically expect.

“Most of the center’s face lift patients are in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, but many people begin to examine their necks while still in their 40s,” says Dr. Goldman. “It is not about the patient’s age, but rather about his or her overall health and outlook on life that makes for a good candidate.”

The eventual loosening of skin is inevitable with age, but key factors such as genetics, sun exposure, stress and diet can definitely accelerate the process. A face lift is designed to remove excess skin and fat, while repositioning the skin, muscle and deeper tissues.

Of course with work schedules ever changing, patients are interested in minimizing downtime even more, and often ask about a mini-lift or a weekend face lift.

“Every individual should do what’s best for him or her, based on their current situation,” says Dr. Goldman. “We can provide a quicker recovery period with more subtle results with a mini-lift that addresses the skin but not the muscle layers, or we can perform a more traditional face lift which has a longer recovery, but will give the long-lasting results that women (and more and more men!) seek.”

Dr. Goldman and his staff look forward to discussing your best options, while continuing to practice safety protocols throughout the office. Goldman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is located at 108 Dornach Way, Advance, NC, 336-245-9595, and at 717 Greenway Road, Boone, NC, 828-278-9230. Visit to learn more about services. Dr. Goldman is double board certified with both The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.


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