Forsyth Woman Turns 16


Likely you remember your Sweet 16.  It’s a magical age.  And for Forsyth Woman, it’s more than magical…. It’s a milestone.  A milestone each and every one of you helped us to achieve!

It’s been a 16 year journey of evolving, growing, but being ever-community-minded.  We were, we are, and we always will celebrate women, life, work, and play in Forsyth County.  It’s home.  And our readers and advertising partners are both friends and family.

Our success is YOUR success.  So take a bow, Forsyth Women!  You have made this an issue to celebrate!!!!



  • September 2005 — Forsyth Woman was born!  We featured the still-awesome Cindy Farmer on the cover of our premiere issue!
  • November / December 2007 — We became a big sister!  Our sister-publication, Forsyth Family joined the family, featuring our publishing families — the Bralleys and the Johnsons!
  • March 2008 – The Cruise for the Cure! Forsyth Woman friends, family and readers cruised to Cozumel, Mexico in support of the fight against breast cancer!
  • February 2009 — The first (of many!) Girls’ Night Out events!  Great food, great friends, great memories!
  • September 2009 — We were ramblin’!  Ramblin’ Rose, that is, when we formed our first Forsyth Woman Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon Team!
  • October 2010 — Our First Annual Consignment Shop Hop, and we lived up to the promise, “Shop ’til we drop!”
  • June 2011 — We said “I Do!” to our biannual wedding magazine, Forsyth Woman Engaged!
  • October 2012 — We proposed a new kind of Bridal Show — a Bridal Show at the Ballpark, to complement our wedding magazine!
  • January 2014 — We celebrated our 100th issue with 500 of our closest friends!
  • June 2014 — We hosted our first Forsyth Woman Showcase in Old Salem!
  • July 2014 — Look at us goin’ to a Publisher’s Conference!
  • September 2014 — We made wishes come true with our Make-a-Wish Silent Auction and Fundraiser!
  • September 2014 — Our shopping trips took a new direction with the first annual Tour de Boutique!
  • January 2015 — The family just kept on growing, this time with an annual publication focused on Lewisville and Clemmons — Forsyth Community!
  • October 2016 — Look!  We moved into an office and had a ribbon cutting at the Historic Broyhill!
  • April 2017 — We are women, watch us build with Habitat for Humanity!
  • January 2018 — We were sipping margaritas in Cancun with our second-ever Forsyth Woman trip!
  • December 2018 — Logo much?  We gave ours a brand new look!
  • August 2019 — We hosted an Insta-Worthy Fundraiser to support our friends, Family Services!
  • January 2020 — What’s that I hear?  Forsyth Magazines launched a podcast!
  • August 2020 — Keela moved to the passenger seat while Brooke took the wheel as publisher of Forsyth Woman!
  • September 2021 — We are here…. In this moment….  Savoring every memory we’ve made with you along the way — not only these, but so many more.  Thank you, for your generous support and kind enthusiasm for Forsyth Woman.



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