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Best Reasons to Feature Your Business

When we hear the word “community,” we feel a sense of fellowship, inclusion, and pride. Those are the very characteristics we put forth in our annual editions of Forsyth Community. As we near publication of our sixth edition of this magazine celebrating the communities of Clemmons and Lewisville, we reflect on the amazing support we have received from local businesses and civic organizations. Forsyth Community has evolved into a celebration of life, work, and play in the Lewisville and Clemmons communities of Forsyth County. It is widely embraced as a community resource, relocation guide, and visitor’s guide all rolled into one.

Forsyth Community highlights local businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, health services, Realtors, and so much more. Information about Lewisville Clemmons Chamber of Commerce, the Clemmons Rotary Club, Clemmons Community Day, and the Clemmons Community Foundation is included. Forsyth Community publishes a yearly calendar of events not to miss, along with local sports venues, arts and entertainment events, schools, churches, and parks. It is a comprehensive guide to fully exploring the community whether you are a long-time resident, a visitor, or someone new to the area (or thinking of becoming a new resident!). You will also find valuable information about budgeting, health and fitness, education and more.

Forsyth Community is distributed via Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce Welcome Bags; Realtors; all 12 North Carolina Welcome Centers across the state; and also has extensive distribution in and around the Lewisville and Clemmons communities. Additionally, the Village Inn in Clemmons provides a copy in each guest room for their more than 66,000 annual guests to use as a guide to shopping, restaurants, and fun local activities.

So, why advertise your business in this annual publication?

Community Trust – Forsyth Magazines have been around for many years and have developed a solid reputation for support and celebration of all things good in the community. By providing quality publications containing a perfect mix of informative lifestyle articles, along with feature articles about local businesses, quality photography, and professionally designed ads, Forsyth Magazines continues to consistently inform, entertain and educate residents while spotlighting and helping to build local commerce. By advertising your business in Forsyth Community, your business can become a part of the enhanced goodwill shared by the community.

Targeted Exposure – Forsyth Community speaks directly to the residents of Lewisville-Clemmons and surrounding areas. Your business can be spotlighted in Forsyth Community, specifically in front of the market you most desire to reach. The roots of community pride run deep in Lewisville and Clemmons, and there is plenty of content in the magazine to prove it.

Personal Attention – Your business will receive the individualized attention that the Forsyth Magazines’ team have prided themselves in offering each local advertising business. Forsyth Magazines knows and understands the local residents who patronize their advertisers. Residents of the Lewisville-Clemmons neighborhood support each other in the pursuit of creating a high quality of life for everyone. What better way to reach these supportive residents than through a personally targeted magazine?

Staying Power – Forsyth Community continues to be distributed throughout the year within the Lewisville-Clemmons area, as well as distributed where visitors and potential new residents can use it as a resource guide. Much of the information in the magazine stays relevant for the entire year, so it continues to be timely for readers. Many hours of brainstorming, planning and teamwork go into the publication of Forsyth Community.  Collaboration with business partners and leaders within the community results in a relevant and vibrant publication. We are dedicated to producing a publication in which you would be proud to advertise your business.

Keela Johnson, publisher of Forsyth Community, reflects, “As a small business, Forsyth Magazines knows and values the effort and contribution of local small businesses within our community. We strive to offer advertisers value while celebrating the small-town charm that defines the Clemmons and Lewisville communities.”

If your business is interested in joining the pages of Forsyth Community, please reach out! We have extremely affordable rates for our magazine, and members of the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber receive a generous discount as an additional perk! Email or call 888.892.3204.














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