For Love’s Sake


What was your least favorite subject in school? Mine . . . science. I know it’s essential. It’s just that all those formulas give me a headache, and all that dissecting lays this squeamish girl out on the floor! No kidding! Passed out ON. THE. FLOOR!

Nevertheless, when I try to ingest the magnitude of creation, the precision in the meticulous order of it all . . . science takes my breath.

Did you know that the galaxy we inhabit twirls at the speed of 490,000 miles per hour? Yet even at this rapid pace, our galaxy still needs 200 million years to complete just one rotation. And get this: there are over one billion other galaxies just like ours in the universe!

Some scientists say that the stars equal all the grains of sand on all beaches of the world. (Did you get that?!) Yet this intricate sea of stars spins with unfathomable order and efficiency.

It takes more faith to believe all of this “just happened” or “evolved” than to believe an Intelligent Designer constructed every meticulous detail with intention and purpose. The more science digs for answers, the more its findings point to our Creator. But as tremendous as science is, science can never explain WHY. It can only describe HOW something works.

You do realize, don’t you, that God did not need to create any of this? He CHOSE to! He created all we are and all we have. Why? For love’s sake.

Real love longs to extend itself toward something or someone to become meaningful. The Trinity enjoys reciprocated love, and God desperately longed to make you and me as a reflection of that love. He fully intended for our relationship with Him to be as intimate and “other” as the bond enjoyed between the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. WOW! What an invitation!

This makes me pause. How similar, how intimate and “other,” is my relationship with God? Is it so deeply cherished and close that it resembles what Abba imagined when He breathed life into me?

Some of us feel so profoundly alone and isolated in this season. We seem to wander aimlessly with no clear direction for the future. For the life of us, we can’t figure out what is missing. At the very core of our personal crisis is the deep longing to be understood, even cherished, by another person, without dangling prerequisites.

My friend, the hole in your heart, the mystery of “what is missing,” is simply the deficit in this most primal and preeminent relationship you were created to enjoy.

When you consider the grandeur of this Designer coupled with the tiny speck on the map of creation that we are, the possibility of an intimate relationship with this majestic Creator is truly baffling. The reality is, we couldn’t know Him if He didn’t want us to know Him. He invites us near and pulls us close. He whispers into our soul in a way that infuses us with life-altering identity and purpose. His whisperings breathe calm into all the commotion. He has a way of bringing meaning to our moments and unprecedented order to our chaos.

I’m still not a fan of science class. But I’m profoundly grateful for the discoveries that remind me of His unconditional love and the intimate relationship He invites me to experience daily. I don’t want to miss anything this Magnificent Maker intended for me. He’s reaching to me for love’s sake. He’s reaching for YOU for love’s sake. I surely don’t want to miss Him, and neither do you!

Say it with me: Keep whispering, Father; I’m listening!


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