Flying Solo: The Benefits of Traveling Alone

To the aspiring, anxious, yet fiercely courageous travel bunny, who has long dreamed of breaking out solo and taking on the world alone, here is why solo traveling is beneficial to your well-being!

More freedom. Although traveling with family and friends is enjoyable, sometimes you may yearn to branch out and roll your own way. When a group travels together, there may be a certain time for everyone to wake up, eat breakfast, do an excursion, and eat dinner. But when traveling alone, there is no certain schedule to follow, and you get to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. You have the freedom to explore the land you’re visiting, freedom to sleep in as long as you want, and the freedom to come and go as you please.

Cost efficient. Simply put, the fewer folks who travel, the lighter the financial burden. There is only one flight ticket to purchase, one hotel room, fewer mouths to feed, and fewer people to shop for (unless you want to buy souvenirs for loved ones). A solo vacation is ultimately more feasible to save for, and you keep more money in your pocket.

Learn more languages. The most effective way to learn more languages is to practice speaking them with a native speaker. Challenge yourself in a fun way to learn the native tongue of the country in which you’re vacationing. Knowing diverse languages comes in handy!

Expand your network of friends. Different cultures bring different people with unique customs and perspectives. Traveling alone gives you the freedom to explore on your own time and cultivate conversations with as many locals as you wish. This is also an opportunity to learn about various lifestyles.

Expand your interests and perspectives. Taking the initiative to fly solo also means you can partake in the activities and excursions that interest you, along with giving yourself the chance to take a risk and try something new (perhaps without having a friend holding you back). Learning the ways of different lands will help you see things through a cultural lens.

Gain independence and confidence. Doing anything alone takes courage and builds your confidence when you succeed in it. Driving alone gives you independence and so does living alone. Traveling alone is a monumental stepping stone that requires massive courage and preparation. Merely preparing by yourself is enough to jump-start the birth of your independence. Earning and saving the funds to take a solo trip will give you a sense of accomplishment that motivates you to make solo traveling a norm. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is when you evolve as a person and solo traveling is a rich example of doing something that will look spicy on your resume!

Inspiration for creative projects. If you have a career that enables you to travel, this is ideal. Seeking out unique environments—such as China’s fancy architecture—will, perhaps, give creative inspiration for photographers, documentaries, musicians, journalists, and authors. Trying out new foods (assuming you don’t have a picky stomach, of course) will help you conjure up fresh recipes for an upcoming cookbook! Traveling anywhere of your choice will add a twang to whatever craft in which you work or dabble.

Sometimes, it’s healthy to be alone. Although being around loved ones is beautiful, there are times when you needs to take a break from life and enjoy your own company. Believe it or not, being alone is needed for our survival because it can be therapeutic. Being alone gives you time to simmer into your thoughts and reflect on your life and do some soul-searching. What do you enjoy doing when you are alone? Whatever it is, you can do it to the max when you travel solo. This means you have ample time to read, write, meditate, take walks, and pick up some new hobbies. Becoming friends with yourself is necessary because nobody knows you better than yourself and no one will take care of you the way you do.

Start planning and saving up dollars with every compensation! You are the only person who can possibly get in the way of you living out your wildest desires. Are you ready to fly solo?



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