Flash Fiction: Mistletoe

There was always something about Jordan. From the moment I saw him walk into the coffee shop, it was like time stood still. Cliché, I know, but it’s true. The first time I saw him, the door was open, and the snow falling outside was flitting in as he rushed to get out of the cold.

It was like out of one of my romance novels. Except there was no romance. Just me. Dreaming.

I sat there as I did every day, same table, same time, grading papers and sipping on my coffee. I liked the change of scenery from my office at the university and the students always knocking on my door. Jordan always smiled at me, but that was it. He’d order his coffee and head right out the door. No second glance. Nothing. I thought about talking to him, but what would I say?

“Oh hey, I watch you order your coffee every day. Want to sit and perhaps get married? Have my babies?”

Today was no different, the air was colder than normal, the café decorated for the holidays with a huge tree and lights. It was my favorite time of year. Magic happened. The joy of the holidays giving people hope and love.

The door opened, and Jordan walked in as he always did. As he ordered his coffee, he glanced around, and his eyes fell on mine. My first reaction was to look away, but his smile made me blush and I smiled wider. Grabbing his coffee, he headed towards me.

Uhhhh. What’s he doing? Incoming! Incoming!

I was freaking out on the inside. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I was supposed to admire him from afar and complain to my friends how my crush was unrequited and write a novel about him. Telling a love story that I only hoped would happen.


“Hi.” I took a big sip of my coffee, it slowly burning as it went down.

“I see you in here every day; thought I’d say ‘Hi.’ I’m Jordan.”

“I’m Sydney.” Marry me.

And cue the awkward silence.

“Are you a student?” He nodded to my English textbook.

“I’m an English professor.” My phone buzzed signaling I had to get going to class.

“Sorry. I have a class to teach in 20 minutes. It was great to meet you.”

I fumbled as I struggled to put my book away and get on my jacket.

“Here, let me.” Jordan helped me put on my jacket, and I swear I jumped into a Harlequin novel. This stuff doesn’t happen to me.

“Thanks.” Opening the door, the bell rang signaling our exit, and I looked up – seeing the mistletoe hanging there.

“You’re under the mistletoe! You have to give her a kiss!” One of the baristas exclaimed – giving me a wink.

I guess my crush wasn’t a secret after all.

Jordan looked at me and smiled. Leaning in, he placed a kiss to my cheek, and I immediately felt the heat rush to my cheeks.

“The true spirit of Christmas is love,” Jordan whispered.


The cold air hit us both, and we pulled our jackets tighter.

“Are you a poet?” I teased.

“No. Sometimes things happen. Moments in time that make words flow easier.”

“Like mistletoe.” I added.

“Sure. Or a pretty lady sitting at the same table, every day for the past month.”

As the last word flowed from Jordan’s mouth, the sky opened up and the snow began falling. It was beautiful, poetic.

“Well, I’m glad you said ‘Hello.’ Because I was too scared to.” We both laughed.

“Same time tomorrow?” Jordan asked as the flagged down a taxi.

“That works for me.”

“I’ll leave you with this, Ms. Professor. Sometimes you meet someone, and you know they’ll mean something to you someday.” I held my breath. “Have a great day, Sydney. Till tomorrow.” He gave a silly bow before getting into the taxi.

I finally let out my breath I was holding. As the snow fell around me, holiday music played somewhere in the distance. With my coffee in hand, I walked to class, the laughter of people and joy filling the air. I knew this day was nothing more than holiday magic. And, Jordan’s words, while accurate, truth was he already meant something to me. He was my holiday wish come true.


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