Fiddle and Fig: Warm, Welcoming and Stylish in the West End

“This is a beautiful store with a thoughtfully curated selection. Everything is displayed as a treasure but at prices I can afford. I will be shopping here often. The owner and her team are very friendly and helpful.” ~ Marissa’s review on the Fiddle & Fig Facebook page


As you enjoy a stroll around the perfectly displayed merchandise in the West End’s retail gem, Fiddle & Fig, the presentation of their beautiful products seems to happen effortlessly.  And yet, anyone who has worked in retail, even briefly, knows that it takes SO much more work than shoppers realize.  I had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie, one of the owners of Fiddle & Fig, to learn more about how it all began and what lies ahead.

Jamie Lapp and Morgan Holt, co-owners of Fiddle & Fig, may have bonded over houseplants but turning their dream and inspiration into something as eye-popping and pleasing as their shop started with a smart investment. Once they knew they were serious, they hired a branding company in Pennsylvania that created a brand story which includes their logos, fonts, colors, tone, and voice.

I asked how, of all the places where they could have placed the shop, they chose its West End location.  “Joe & Jodi Williams of LMI Builders found the location in early 2019 and offered space in the building to us.  We knew it would be a good fit when we saw how much parking the building would have.  LMI remodeled Morgan’s old law firm on 5th Street in 2016 and Morgan and her husband stayed close with them, which led to discussions of finding a building for our store.  We are so thankful for the space we do have, our neighbors in the building, and for the Williamses.  They are one of the best, if not, the best, landlords in Winston-Salem.”

Jamie has said that their decision to delay their opening from March 2020 to October 2020 turned out to be a blessing. “We were able to open when people were ready to get out again and had been staring at the walls of their house dreaming of change.  We feel people were inspired by our store in a time when it was needed the most.”

Each time I have visited Fiddle & Fig, there are happy shoppers purchasing dishes, vases, candles, mirrors, pillows, faux succulents and furniture.  It’s hard to imagine what the most popular item is.  According to Jamie and Morgan, it would have to be their signature soy wax candles with the faux greenery and plants, wall decor, and kitchen accessories all running a close second.

With less than a year in operation, I asked what has surprised or challenged their team the most about operating a large retail space. “We now have just over 4,000 square feet as we closed our upstairs event space this year and converted it to more store space.  Logistically, having an event space and, thankfully, several busy businesses in the building together, would be too much of a strain on our parking lots.  We placed more inventory upstairs along with a third cash register.  We are excited to have this space and additional register as we head into the holiday season.

One of the most challenging parts of retail is keeping up with the latest trends and changing up the store look and layout as much as possible.  We are constantly searching for new vendors and products and changing displays as much as we can.”

Plans for the future?  “We are currently overhauling our website and shipping options.  We will be offering better shipping rates, curated boxes, and more items online. Our one year anniversary celebration will be October 2, 2021, the same day as the Tour de Boutique, and we have lots of surprises in store!”

To enjoy your own pleasant stroll through Fiddle & Fig, visit the store at 403 West End Boulevard in Winston-Salem.  Stay up to date on events at and



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