Fictitious Characters Add to the Heart of Christmas

The tangible symbols of Christmas inspire the envelopment of familiarity and excitement. From the dusty boxes arises the decorations of light, wreath and tree. And, instantly, someone rejoices in saying, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” Through the need to follow tradition, we add beautiful touches such as baking cookies, singing carols and wrapping gifts for loved ones. The connection to people adds the spark of a season celebrating the birth, family, togetherness and giving. Not all the people who support the value of such loving tidings are real. A lengthy list of fictitious friends, in fact, help to create the bond we feel every December. Particular names transport us to a time long ago and hold the feeling of Christmas past and present in our hearts.

Cindy Lou Who

The little girl of Whoville who was no more than two. Her job – to save Christmas! How is this task accomplished? Through love and friendship! Even a child can save a soul, clasp a hand and connect to those who need help understanding the true meaning of Christmas.

Clark Griswold

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is not a typical classic movie. Clark, the dad, daydreams about the ideal, perfect holiday season; yet, too many problems interfere with his standard. Life is chaotic and stressful in the Griswold household. Similar to the many Christmas messages that resolve differences and petty issues, Clark reminds us to focus on the gift of togetherness.

Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch

The antagonist, who hates Christmas, typically has a fatal flaw. Deep down inside, there is love; yet, it takes someone brave and kind to help the names, which define greediness or heartlessness such as Scrooge and the Grinch. The transition from mean to kind, greedy to giving, a recluse to a socialite offers fruitful lessons in a season of charity.

Jack Frost

Yes, Jack Frost is among the essential fictitious characters. He brings forth the chill, the wind, the frost and the magic inspired in the feeling of Christmas. The 2012 movie, “Rise of the Guardians,” is not the most well-known on the list; however, Jack has a distinct task of driving out the darkness to protect the dreams of children. For all the classics, it is good to add new movies to your belief in magic.

Linus Van Pelt

Who? You may ask is Linus Van Pelt. Well, among the characters of the Peanuts gang, Linus relies on his trusty blanket. Except, when he offers to tell Charlie Brown the real meaning of Christmas. At that moment, he no longer needs security. Linus reminds us to stand in the spotlight when asked, “Does anyone know what Christmas is all about?”

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman is an allegory concealing one of the oldest stories within a magical being. In the song, Frosty, “Made the children laugh and play and were surprised when, before their eyes, he came to life one day.” Frosty, trusted by the children who followed him willingly to the end of the world, the North Pole, represents Jesus. “Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way, but he waved goodbye saying don’t you cry, I’ll be back again someday.” \

Scott Calvin

It’s not easy to become Santa Claus, especially when an actual legal clause states, “If Santa dies, you must continue the tradition.” Surrendering to the need to wear the boots is a job, which takes hard work, dedication, selflessness and compassion. The character of Scott Calvin inspires us to remember the magic of the suit lasts beyond one night a year.

Kevin McCallister  

Screaming the name “Kevin!” may click on a part of your memory to remember the child, whose parents and relatives left him home and alone. It’s not easy to be brave and companionless during the holidays; yet, even children can live alone in a house full of people. The miracle of wanting his family back showed the need for forgiveness while offering his heart to new friends such as a misunderstood neighbor who also finds himself alone.

Of course, the list is not yet complete. You can easily name countless others! Enjoy the festivity with familiar and ageless characters, and be sure to welcome the new additions!


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