Family Services: Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Last year, Christy and I led the inaugural RISE Against Domestic Violence Campaign for Family Services. We raised over $60,000 and brought 180 new donors to Family Services. With this success, it was easy to say yes when Family Services asked us to lead the effort again in 2020. In case you didn’t know, Family Services has been around for more than 100 years and continues to do very important work in Forsyth County. For example, they serve more than 3,800 victims a year. They have managed the Domestic Violence Shelter since 1988, and last year provided safe shelter to 188 women and children. The community need is great, and with the first year’s success of RISE, we knew we could have an even bigger and better 2nd year!

Then … COVID-19.

Nothing has been the same, and it seems as though it will still be a while before things are able to return to some sense of normal. As small business owners, we understand the toll this pandemic has had on the economy. Like many of you, we are living month to month, adjusting as we go and trying to figure out the best way to stay healthy, keep our customers and clients safe, and remain in business.

However, these uncertain times have not diminished our passion for the work of Family Services. Just the opposite. We know once we emerge from the pandemic, the services needed by the community will be even greater. On a Zoom call with Family Services, we were told the number of hotline calls was down during the onset of COVID, and we initially thought that was good news. Then they explained the calls were down because the abused were now trapped at home with their abuser. For these victims, the already small window of opportunity for help had just disappeared.

This is why we are reaching out to you today. Help us continue to ensure Family Services is ready and able to provide the much-needed services to this community. A gift in any amount is greatly appreciated and can be made online at

Anne Rainey Rokahr                                       Christy Cox Spencer

Small Business Owner                                     Small Business Owner

Community Advocate                                     Community Advocate

2020 RISE Chair                                               2020 RISE Co-Chair


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