Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers: A Triad Driver’s Breath of Fresh Air


In the past, I dreaded getting my oil changed and put it off for as long as possible. I knew that as soon as I showed up to popular oil change specialty shops, I would be misled about the most cost effective oil my vehicle could scrape by with, and that I would be told there were various things like windshield wipers and air filters that unnecessarily needed to be replaced. There were only a few occasions in which my dad didn’t get a phone call from me verifying that what the technicians were telling me was accurate. Naturally, I became fed up with stepping into the salesman’s lion den each time my car needed fresh oil, and I began researching alternatives to the companies that I had been visiting in the past.

No More Upselling or Fees for Things You Don’t Need

When a Google search led me to stumble upon Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, the number of positive reviews seemed promising, so I took my vehicle for a quick oil change. Additionally, my tire pressure monitoring system sometimes sends me false alarms, and I wanted to make sure my tires had no leaks in them while I was there. I was greeted by friendly, enthusiastic technicians and was quickly attended to. There was no attempt at upselling oil, and it was only a short amount of time later that an employee informed me that the only issue with my tires was a dying sensor battery. For once, I didn’t have to call my dad. I was quite stunned at the transparency of the Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers team, who hadn’t even tried to convince me that my air filter was filthy. I paid one of the lowest prices I had ever paid for a quality oil change, and was on my way home shortly after.

Local Businesses Give Rave Reviews

Although it may sound like beginner’s luck to other skeptics like myself, I quickly learned that my experience with the integrity and honesty among the Express Oil team was not an isolated incident. A local business called Here ‘2 There Transportation, co-owned by Wanda Morrison and  Glenda Shepard, had a similar experience with Express Oil that turned them into lifelong Express Oil enthusiasts. The business of Here ‘2 There Transportation is to provide non-emergency medical transportation, social and recreational transportation, daily and long distance travel to passengers in need. Their vans see 200 to 300 miles per day and need frequent upkeep and maintenance to stay up to par for transporting passengers to dialysis treatments and more. When Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers accidentally misquoted a price for tires, the technicians realized their mistake and gave the Here ‘2 There Transportation team a higher quality set of tires for the lower price they were initially and mistakenly quoted. To Wanda and Glenda, the honesty of Express Oil owners Rebecca and Gary Howorka showed that they ran a business based on reputable values and integrity.

According to Wanda, Express Oil is Here ‘2 There’s go-to shop for any services their vans need. “We greatly appreciate that Gary and Rebecca respect what our organization does, and that they understand that we are in the same boat together,” explains Wanda. “We couldn’t operate without Express Oil and don’t know any other companies that would treat us so well. Anyone who has a mechanical need and wants it serviced in a timely manner is in good hands at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers.”

A Valued Team and Convenient Locations

One reason Express Oil technicians and staff so easily uphold company values is because they feel valued and appreciated by owners Gary and Rebecca, who place a strong emphasis on investing in their team. Express Oil’s senior team members consistently impress customers with their expertise and professionalism.

Gary and Rebecca opened Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers after moving to Winston-Salem 14 years ago. They have now grown their business into three locations throughout the greater Winston-Salem area. After eminent domain closed their Hanes Mill location in September, Gary and Rebecca plan to open a new Hanes Mill location in early 2023. In the meantime, the pair encourages customers to visit their locations in Clemmons and on Robinhood Road.

As for me, I’ll continue visiting Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers with pleasure, as I no longer have to dread oil changes and state inspections. If you need a fresh set of tires, a state inspection, or one of the speediest oil changes in town, visit Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Monday through Saturday at one of the two current locations below, and keep your eyes peeled for the reopening of a brand new Hanes Mill location next year. Visit to schedule an appointment and learn more about the services provided.

Clemmons Location:

2750 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd.

Clemmons, NC 27012

Robinhood Road Location:

3499 Robinhood Road,

Winston-Salem, NC 27016


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