Exceptional Young Women in the Community: Meet Jada Senn

Fourteen-year-old Jada Senn has been an active member of LEAD Girls of NC for four years, learning to boost her confidence and also learning new hobbies. LEAD (Learning Everyday
Accomplishing Dreams) Girls of NC is an organization that believes every girl deserves a chance to be seen, heard, valued, and equipped. Knowing that their resources do not match their limitless potential, LEAD’s mission is to provide preteen girls with tools and resources to become change makers and leaders in their communities. 

With Jada’s commitment and dedication to the mission of LEAD, she has become a LEAD Ambassador within this past year. LEAD Ambassadors must be in high school and have completed at least two years of LEAD programming. Ambassadors serve on organization committees, assist with LEAD sessions, and aid in community outreach events. Through their service, they apply skills learned in LEAD’s flagship program in order to gain deeper knowledge and leadership experience.

What inspires Jada most about her involvement with LEAD is having the opportunity to see her peers finding new hobbies, developing and honing effective communication skills, and increasing their self-esteem. Being a role model for younger girls and seeing them discover who they are is the most rewarding aspect of being a LEAD Ambassador for Jada.

Volunteering at LEAD’s 2022 Expo greatly impacted Jada, as it was an opportunity for her to see how people interact and enjoy LEAD as an organization. The Expo’s classes were informative and engaging, and allowed Jada to meet author Chrystal Giles in-person – someone she finds to be an enormous inspiration.

Outside of LEAD, Jada volunteers with First Christian Community Church to feed those experiencing homelessness, and is a busy high school student who participates in cheerleading. She aspires to one day become a criminal justice lawyer to help defend individuals against crimes they didn’t commit. She also expresses an interest in becoming a cardiologist to help others gain a fresh start and healthier heart. These are commendable career choices that involve helping others, and laudable goals no matter which route she chooses!

When she isn’t busy with school, volunteering, or cheerleading, Jada also works part-time at Subway. Although she is surrounded by sandwiches while working, she still finds an appetite for local Johnny B.’s chicken alfredo and corn muffins. As she completes high school, she will continue focusing on her involvement in bettering the community and following her dreams, one of which is to vacation in Paris someday.

Interested in becoming involved with LEAD Girls of NC? Apply online and read more about LEAD’s programs and values at www.leadgirls.org.


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