Exceptional Young Women in the Community: Meet Emma Cate Burhans


West Forsyth High School senior Emma Cate Burhans carries a full plate of academia, athletics, and philanthropy, while simultaneously making time for her friends and family. From a young age, Emma Cate has felt called to lead others and set a positive example for youth in her community. As co-president of West Forsyth’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and a member of Calvary Baptist Church, Emma Cate’s faith plays a major role in her life and inspires her to help others in need.

Emma Cate and her co-president of FCA are responsible for organizing club meetings, coordinating guest speakers, and planning transportation and music for FCA services. Throughout the school year, she and her fellow club members participate in large events, including the Special Olympics, to help those in need. In addition to her role in FCA, Emma Cate is also a member of other academic and service clubs at West Forsyth High School, including National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Girls Service Club, and Anchor Club. Club members give back to the community in various ways, such as writing cards for first responders, nursing homes, and caretakers, along with collecting nonperishable food items and children’s clothing for donations, and maintaining the school’s clean campus by picking up garbage on the property.

One of the most influential experiences in Emma Cate’s young life was when she took part in a mission trip with Calvary Baptist Church. During the three-day mission, she and fellow church members organized the Kids Extreme mission, which allowed underprivileged children in the community to fellowship and sing with Calvary Baptist Church members at their apartment complex during an outdoor Sunday morning church service. Additionally, Emma Cate and her peers took the children to a Winston-Salem Dash game, where they were able to connect with the children, build new relationships, and share the gospel with them. Having the opportunity to provide children with a positive example and plant the seed of the gospel in their lives was touching to Emma Cate, and she is forever grateful to have been involved in making a difference.

Since faith is such an important aspect of Emma Cate’s life, she intends on continuing to help the community when she attends college. In fact, Emma Cate feels compelled to lead both spiritually and professionally, as she plans to study business or marketing after graduating from high school. She has always looked for leadership opportunities in high school, and her role in FCA has further solidified her desire to lead in college. She hopes to become involved with Campus Crusade for Christ (also referred to as “Cru”), and serve as a mentor for middle and high school students.

Outside of volunteering, Emma Cate excels in sports as one of the co-captains for her varsity volleyball team, in addition to holding a role in West Forsyth High School’s Student Government Association (SGA). When she has a rare moment of free time, she enjoys being with friends and family. A simple girl at heart, Emma Cate is happy spending time with her loved ones no matter the activity. Whether it’s hiking, taking a walk at Tanglewood, or sitting at a restaurant, she savors every moment with her favorite people.

Native to Clemmons, Emma Cate has a long list of favorite local hot spots she likes to frequent. When asked to narrow her list down to her absolute favorite local boutique, she named faith-based Hip Chics Boutique as her go-to spot for apparel and accessories. As for local restaurants, she prefers snacking on Tex-Mex at The Porch Kitchen and Cantina.

Currently, Emma Cate is enjoying her senior year of high school and is looking forward to where life takes her next. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would catch a flight to the beautiful country of Greece. The islands, ancient sites, and foods of Greece are fascinating to her, in addition to it being the film location of one of her favorite movies, Mamma Mia!



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