Dress for Success Winston-Salem: #EmpowerHer-1 Hour at Time

On March 1, Dress for Success Winston-Salem kicks off its #EmpowerHer – 1 Hour at a Time fundraising campaign.

This second annual #EmpowerHer campaign is inspired by the belief that when a woman has opportunities to change her life for the better, she becomes powerful beyond measure. 

We are thrilled to introduce our “EmpowerHer Champions” who will rally allies throughout the community to join this movement. Champions were selected because they inspire hope, confidence, and resilience among women. They will ask you to join them in giving one hour of your work compensation in support of women who need a little help taking the next step on their journey toward economic independence. By giving the equivalent of just one hour of pay, you join this movement of leaders and champions who believe in supporting the success of every woman.

For Dress for Success Winston-Salem, the success of this campaign translates to the tangible outcomes of new starts, moves out of generational poverty, and the personal transformation that comes with empowerment. “We are so honored to have these Champions as the faces of our #EmpowerHer campaign. They know that when we all help a little – the outcome is enormous,” says Robin Ervin, executive director. “We want everyone to be a part of this. It doesn’t matter what your hour of pay is. What matters is that you, like our Champions, believe in empowering women.” 

Please Give to #EmpowerHer 

  • Studies show that when a woman is employed, as many as six individuals in her household may follow out of poverty.
  • 25% of women who participate in a mentoring program receive pay increases, compared to only 5% without mentors.
  • Dress for Success’ critical work helps women gain and sustain employment, and develop support systems. 

“Ladies like me are really trying to get ahead in life. I needed a little help and encouragement — and that’s what I received at Dress for Success!” – Client, Heather M. 

Dress For Success Champions

Evelyn Pigford Acree


Kim Lawson


Lora Songster


Monique Farrell


Robert and Amy Egleston


Jill Atherton


Mary Jamis


Terri Stockton Foulks


Martha Albertson


Nancy Young


Mary Haglund


Claudette Weston

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