Dr. Kevin Sharp: Chiropractic Doctor of the Year

For a physician, being held in esteem by one’s peers is quite an accomplishment. Day in and day out, physicians interact with their patients and know the difference they make in patient care, but to know that other physicians see you as a leader, and a doctor to be honored, does not happen every day. But it did happen recently for Dr. Kevin Sharp of Sharp Chiropractic in Winston-Salem, NC.

Dr. Kevin Sharp, a native of Flushing, Michigan, moved to Forsyth County in 1994 along with his wife Kim and their family of seven children. His experience with chiropractic care began when he was a patient in childhood, and with two generations of chiropractors before him.

“I am a third generation chiropractor, however, it was my family chiropractor who encouraged me to pursue a career in chiropractic. My practice began in my hometown 34 years ago and has continued with my time in the Winston-Salem area. I have always made my practice patient oriented, making treatment choices based on what’s best for the patient. We at Sharp Chiropractic care about our patients and set expectations high, and as a doctor, along with my staff, we strive to meet those standards daily. I love being a Doctor of Chiropractic and even after 34 years, I look forward to treating patients each day and I’ve got a great team to help me accomplish the best for our patients. I believe in the ‘high touch’ approach to chiropractic care, meaning a personalized, hands-on treatment plan for each patient because everyone’s needs are different and their care should be individualized,” said Dr. Sharp.

After 34 years in practice, Dr. Sharp was recently recognized by his peers as Doctor of the Year, based on his individual contributions to the profession of chiropractic care.

“I have been very involved in the chiropractic profession, teaching in more than 15 states for the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and several state associations, too. I consult with chiropractors in North Carolina who desire to have high quality practices and want to improve their administrative efficiency. I have also helped start more than seven new practices with three being here in the Winston-Salem area, in addition to mine. Those practices are run by three wonderful doctors who share a similar vision for high quality care for patients. Most importantly, my daily objective is to care for the patients in my own practice. Outside of my practice, my wife and I are active in our church, Calvary West, and see that as an important part of our lives’ mission. Over the years of getting to know my patients and their passions, I invest or contribute to those endeavors. We really like to support the causes of our patients since they are important to us. I also work and am actively involved with conservation efforts through Ducks Unlimited,” Dr. Sharp commented. With all of Dr. Sharp’s investment in his patients and community, he is humbled by the award of Doctor of the Year, recognizing his commitment to the profession.

“This prestigious award is given to one doctor per year and is nominated and voted on by your chiropractic peers. Essentially, it is based on a doctor’s individual contribution to the profession. I am so honored to have this award and the recognition by my peers. Doctors of Chiropractic are a welcoming body of medical professionals, committed to the care of our patients and to be seen as special in this group means so very much to me,” stated Dr. Sharp.

Sharp Chiropractic is located at 4622 Country Club Road, Suite 140, Winston-salem, NC. For information, call 336-768-7227.


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