Conversation with Your BFF: Besides the Entire Year of 2020, What Should I Leave Behind in 2021?


I think we all can agree that kicking 2020 to the curb and chalking it up as a bad relationship is a good idea. You know the kind of relationship I mean; the ones that teach you a lesson but are definitely not a blessing. But as 2021 peers around the corner, what else or who else should you set aside in your life? I am so glad you asked!

You Can’t Get More Time, So Use It Wisely 

This past year, we all have had just cause to complain…a lot! Unfortunately, complaining can become a rut you find yourself in, leading to excuses for why you don’t act in relationships and projects. Don’t waste any more time complaining or judging others and their lives. You do you! You are the only person you can truly fix or control, so concentrate on what you can do and the difference you can make.

Know When to Say ‘No’ 

Most of us try to do as much as we can for others and when we can’t do what we promised, we hurt others and feel bad about ourselves. Some people are afraid to say ‘no’ because they feel they will disappoint someone, but by not being able to follow through on your promise, you create a result much worse than disappointment. A person who knows how and when to say ‘no,’ along with justification of the refusal, is more respectable than a person who says ‘yes’ and doesn’t keep the commitment they made.

Change – You May Not Like It, But It’s Always Happening  

Change is most definitely a part of life, but accepting it is hard. The best way to manage change is to anticipate it is coming. Reacting to a situation passively is the wrong road to take. Be active; if you feel a change is coming, anticipate and prepare for it. Having an offensive attitude, you will benefit from the change and any opportunities it brings.

Everyone Needs a Tribe 

Successful people are always accompanied by quality people they can rely on and that they surround themselves with, otherwise known as your ‘tribe.’ No one succeeds alone. In 2021, reach out to others and build a network of good friends who will be with you through the good and bad times.

Toxic People are Like Pigs in Mud Shaking Off on You 

Motivation not only comes from within but from the positivity in your personal universe. To stay motivated, you need to have people around you who support you and tell you the truth, not sugarcoat things. If the people around you are toxic in the sense that they constantly discourage you and have no ambition, and are good with the status quo, you will never be able to achieve great things. These toxic people will also encourage your negative thoughts leading to you doubting yourself. It has often been said: ‘We are the sum of our best friends,’ so choose wisely and keep the toxic ones from shaking their mud and negativity onto you.

Never Doubt That Great Things are Right Around the Corner 

To succeed, personally and professionally, you must have confidence in yourself. Stop doubting your ability to do great things or for great things to be just around the corner, coming your way. Get in touch with your strengths and your weaknesses, working on the areas you may not excel in to turn those into strengths. And never compare yourself and your journey in life to others. We are all on different paths, overcoming obstacles, but we eventually get to where we are meant to be. Encourage each other, never compare. Life will be much happier and so will you.

When the clock strikes midnight, and 2020 becomes a year where the world was upside down, remind yourself to stay motivated, with good friends by your side, becoming more resilient and positive in the new year.


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