Club Pilates Winston-Salem: Embracing your possibilities!


If you’re in control of your body, you’re in control of your life!

In our social media-filled world of affirmations and catchy phrases, Club Pilates not only invites you to embrace this personal reminder, but they also give you the tools to follow through.

People are coming to realize more and more that a healthy body is easier to keep healthy, and that immuno strength goes hand-in-hand with exercise. “Pilates is a form of exercise that everyone, including immuno-compromised individuals, can access and benefit from,” says owner Kristin Henry.

“Thinking of your body as an entire system of interwoven needs is the first step to overall wellness. Physical health goes hand-in-hand with overall health,” Kristin continues. “No matter your age or fitness level, Pilates is life-changing!”




Pilates incorporates flexibility, strength, balance, and so much more, to create a whole body workout focused on the core and postural muscles. Pilates is one of the most highly recommended forms of exercise for patients just starting out, and for those in recovery from illness or injury. It is also used by many amateur and professional athletes to maintain a balanced body and elite status in their sport. Pilates incorporates a blend of slow, detailed, and deliberate movements to safely target the desired muscle groups, while minimizing risk of injury or strain on joints.

The top five goals for newcomers to Pilates include strengthening core and postural muscles, reducing joint and back pain, improving flexibility and range of motion, preventing injury and balancing the muscles of the body, and improving overall balance in the process.

Centered on total well-being, Pilates takes health and safety to the next level. “We don’t just focus on the muscles and joints, but also the lungs, heart, and other organs,” says Kristin. “Pilates is a full-body experience which utilizes strong breathing techniques, cardiovascular endurance, and overall organ health.”




To help participants keep moving in the direction of health, Club Pilates Winston-Salem takes an active role to provide a safe space to do so. “Our members say we are the cleanest place in town,” Kristin says. She goes on to joke about comments they have made about eating off the floor or having surgery inside the studio.

“It’s almost like we were built for Covid by coincidence. Classes have a maximum of 12 people per session so everyone has their own complete station full of equipment and they are able to stay six feet away from the next person. After each use, all equipment is wiped down using a virucide cleaning agent.”

They have also incorporated some pretty impressive technologies to keep the space clean. In addition to UV air filters, there are elaborate air purifiers inside their air handling system, which uses positive and negatively charged ions to break apart viruses on a molecular level. Upon walking in, it is common to hear how clean and fresh the air smells and feels. They even routinely treat the entire studio with Monofoil D, which clings to surfaces and kills viruses that come into contact with them.




What sets Club Pilates apart is the professionally trained staff who focuses on each participant’s personal experience in the studio. Kristin is also proud to offer a Teacher Training Program, which will be held on weekends this fall.

“Training covers how to properly execute each exercise, as well as how to teach that exercise to others. Our training also details how to handle various injuries and situations such as pregnancy or spinal issues, and how to safely work with people in each population,” she explains.

Participants may opt to complete the training on a single apparatus or multiples. The apparatuses include mat, reformer, jumpboard, springboard, cadillac, chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, magic circle, TRX, barre, and TriggerPoint. Each of these apparatuses are utilized in the Club Pilates group classes.

Kristin says the training program is self-paced, with the exception of scheduled in-studio dates for each specific apparatus. “Students can move at their own pace through the online study portion, the self-practice, and the practice teaching. We call it a blended format which includes in-person, independent, and online learning.”

Access to a local Pilates Master Trainer is also a huge benefit of the program, and one that sets the Club Pilates Teacher Training Program apart from others. As a Master Trainer, Kristin works both in a group setting and one-on-one with participants to prepare them for teaching, and to help with the unique needs of each individual in the program. She will be there every step of the way to provide guidance, support, mentoring, and encouragement.

The Club Pilates Teacher Training also includes a new scholarship program, and candidates with relevant work experience or training such as dance teachers, yoga instructors, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, kinesiology majors, etc., may be eligible for partial or full scholarships.

“We are dedicated to developing skilled new Pilates teachers,” says Kristin. “While those teachers can come from anywhere, we are able to accelerate the process for those with overlapping experience or knowledge. However, no experience or pre-existing knowledge is needed to enroll in the Teacher Training since the program is very thorough and is designed to provide all the building blocks and important tools to develop an effective teacher.”




Always inclusive, with a joyful vibe the minute you walk through the door, Club Pilates is a boutique-style studio with a welcoming sense of calm and community. You’ll find affordable memberships and flexible class scheduling, and the studio being locally owned and operated is a wonderful bonus!

When you’re ready to give Pilates a try, your first 30-minute full-body session at Club Pilates is always free. The staff will introduce you to the studio’s state-of-the-art equipment and guide you in the foundations of what will become your new passion for wellness! Group classes are available for every age and fitness level, even those with limited mobility, including Reformer, Flow, Cardio Sculpt, Control, Suspend, Restore, Center + Balance, F.I.T., and cross-training for young adults. Participants can choose individual classes that fit their schedule, a monthly class membership, or private training if that’s a more comfortable option.



Do something amazing for yourself, and visit Club Pilates, located in Winston-Salem at 371 Lower Mall Drive in Thruway Shopping Center, or reach owner and lead instructor Kristin Henry at 336-717-1222. For more information on class options and schedules, visit Club Pilates is also an excellent outlet for making and supporting new friendships, on a shared journey of overall health and wellness!


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