Celebrating Mother’s Day – Reflecting and Appreciating Essential Moms

Celebrating Mother’s Day – Reflecting and Appreciating Essential Moms


What would we do without our mothers? Well, we wouldn’t be here, but aside from that, the multi-faceted mother’s role is vital to healthy development and growth of young ones, from egg to baby to child to teen to adult. And, even in adulthood, a mother’s role continues. There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love, nurturing, security, comfort, and reassurance. She is known as the “heart of the home.”

Every mom is different and uniquely special. Let’s recognize and appreciate our moms’ God-given gifts. No matter how much motherly nagging, there is nothing quite like a mother’s bond with her offspring. She deserves full credit for having carried you and raised you.

Moms often juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. Whatever bumps may be in the past, allow your heart to forgive. Respect, understand, and love your mom just the way she is. Reach out and make her feel worthy and special. We can’t say “I love you” often enough.

A mom’s love is like cultivating a garden, a garden of life. No matter how grown-up, we all start out as seeds, requiring enough soil, water, sunlight, and fertilizer to grow. Under a gardener’s watchful eye and active care, seeds become saplings and eventually transform into plants, flowers, or trees.

Moms, like gardeners, guard and protect us, warding off wanton weeds and infestations of insects that threaten our growth. A well-tended garden is a blessing that can reap a fruitful harvest. Moms work hard tending their offspring, and however much we may grow, it is those roots that keep us grounded.

Even if you never got to know your mom, she’s someone special who loves and wants the best for you. As an adoptee born in Mokpo, South Korea, and embraced by my adoptive mother’s loving arms at three months old, I never knew the lady who gave birth to me. I don’t even know her name. But, I do know she wanted me to have a better life. She couldn’t provide for or raise me, so she gave me all she could at the time. Her gift of a new life for me was the gift of a lifetime. I acknowledge her great gift, appreciate her life, and love her from afar. I am grateful for both my mothers, equally special.

What do you most want to share with your mother that reflects your true heart? On this Mother’s Day, take the time to recall your best memories and record them, whether by written, visual, audio, or audio means. Be honest, dig deep, and then share your love and appreciation with the lady who raised you to be someone special. Love her for who she is. The gift of love is a gift of grace that lives on forever, makes us whole, and allows us to live our lives to the fullest.

Reveal your inner poet and write something special and meaningful for your mom. Record it, speak it, or sing it. It doesn’t have to be perfect or publishable. Just let it emerge from you – in your voice – in your words – from your heart.

There’s nothing as memorable, up close, and personal as a LIVE sharing in your own voice, dedicated to this special lady. Share an authentic and artistic tribute with your mother on Mother’s Day. To mothers everywhere, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being our mothers. We don’t know what we’d ever do without you!

 “M” is For . . .

“M” is for Mommy, who carried and raised me.

“M” is for Mama, the first person I saw when I opened my eyes.

“M” is for Mom, who tended the garden as I grew from seed to sapling to flowering tree.

Mom is the sunshine, water, and soil I needed to grow.

She fended off insects, warded off weeds.

She nourished the deep roots that ground me, and I survived and thrived.

With strongest family bonds and a blessing of harvest,

We share afternoon tea and talk of memories.

It’s Mother, whom I credit and tribute, not just on this special Mother’s Day, but all days of my life. I love you and thank you!

Special Mother’s Day poem written by Susan Schabacker


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