Celebrating fall by creating a Fall Bucket List!

One of the reasons bucket lists are so popular is because they require us to be conscious of what we do with our time. What better season than fall to try creating one? This season is one of the best for a bucket list, especially since many of the things that occur in fall only happen once a year! Creating a fall bucket list with children, significant others, friends, or other loved ones is a wonderful way to to spend time planning activities. Read on for eight different methods to be intentional about autumn moments.

Fall Bucket List Activity #1: Create a new fall cocktail or mocktail! Fall is the perfect season to create your own signature autumn drink. While we are all big fans of pumpkin spice, there are several other delicious spices to try out. Consider adding some apple spice to your morning latte, or cinnamon, ginger, or cloves to an afternoon hot toddy! 

Fall Bucket List Activity #2: Plan a fall movie marathon watch party! For friends both far and near, a watch party is the perfect activity to do during one of the cooler fall nights. Films displaying gorgeous fall scenery include: The Lake House, Autumn in New York and You’ve Got Mail. Whereas movies like Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic and The Witches are sure to put everyone into a spooky mood.

Fall Bucket List Activity #3: Time for a sweater hunt! Early fall is the perfect time to go through your closet and rediscover your favorite autumn sweaters. If some of your chosen sweaters no longer work, consider it time to donate older pieces, and find your new favorite fall sweater. If your wardrobe has mostly inexpensive pieces, consider making this the year to invest in a more high-end sweater. There is no better feeling than having high quality material—like cashmere—on your skin. 

Fall Bucket List Activity #4: Go apple picking! This season is the perfect time to plan a trip around picking apples for yourself and/or your loved ones. Several orchards are a short drive away – from Apple Hill Orchard, in Flat Rock, NC, to the Historic Orchard at Altapass, this area of North Carolina has many options to plan a day trip. The extra benefit is that many of these orchards offer delicious treats, from homemade apple cider donuts, to hot apple cider. 

Fall Bucket List Activity #5: Time for a fall road trip! The North Carolina mountains are the ideal destination for this season! Make the change of the season a time to grab your loved ones and plan a mountain get away. Many VRBO or Airbnb houses offer homes with firepits, outdoor hot tubs and picturesque mountain views, where a morning cup of coffee is sure to make everyone feel geared up for fall. There is the additional benefit that if planned correctly, you should be able to view the spectacular view of the leaves changing from green to lovely shades of gold, maroon, and orange as you drive.

Fall Bucket List Activity #6: Change your house décor. One of my favorite fall activities is getting my fall décor out of the attic and decorating the house. From autumn-scented candles to pumpkin and leaves memorabilia, this season looks as beautiful inside as it does on the outside. Needing inspiration for fall decorations? Head over to your favorite craft shop to find plenty of fall decorating ideas. 

Fall Bucket List Activity #7: Build your own fall wreath. Every door needs its own lovely fall wreath. Consider the changing of the seasons the perfect time to plan a get together with friends, where all can build their own fall wreath. The steps to do so are not as complicated as it sounds. Websites like “Country Living” and “Pioneer Women” offer DIY fall wreath tutorials. 

Fall Bucket List Activity #8: Plan an autumn picnic! This season is the perfect opportunity to grab friends, food and a warm blanket and head outdoors. A picnic is the best way to make the most of a gorgeous fall afternoon. Consider wearing your new favorite fall sweater, bringing your new signature fall cocktail/mocktail, and finally, your delicious fall baked goods. This activity is sure to make everyone ready for the arrival of fall!


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