Keeping It Real: When all Hell Breaks Loose

When all hell breaks loose in your life, what is your initial reaction? I’m not asking what you want it to be. Truly, what is your “go to” reaction? Do you ever pray because you know you’re supposed to, but you don’t actually expect God to answer? (I’ve done that!) This thinking causes us to […]

Keeping It Real: The Tipping Point

PHOTO BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE Is it just me, or are you feeling the weight of the hour, too? So many significant things seem to be hanging in the balance. Governments and economies hang by a thread. Significant situations in our own lives feel increasingly fragile, too. Our inability to squash the things that seek […]

Keeping It Real: Eyes Forward

Have you driven anywhere lately? How often did you use your rearview mirror? How much of your focus remained glued to the windshield? To be sure, your forward focus got you to the intended spot! It’s completely nonsensical to imagine reaching our destination while focused on that tiny mirror that reveals only what is behind […]

Keeping it Real: “TO COME IN BETWEEN”

Ever read Scripture that sounds completely out of character for God? Here goes: “…the Lord said to Moses, ‘Let Me alone now….’” (Exodus 32:9) Did God really just say that?! Have you ever in your life fathomed such a thing?! But it’s what God said, and I believe He meant it! You see, no matter […]

Keeping It Real: Savoring the Familiar

In 2020, predictability packed its bags and took a one-way ticket to one epic emergency after another. We barely catch our breath from one scandalizing reality before the tremors of the next tsunami commence!     February 24, 2022 . . . rumors of war in Ukraine accelerated into live images before our very eyes. […]

Keeping it Real: Fully Convinced!

  Do you have people in your life who seem to see the best in every situation? If you don’t, you need them! My daddy is one of the most optimistic people I know. Every time I call, I sense the smile in his voice as I ask how his day is going. Daddy answers, […]

Keeping it Real: Good Forecast

Have you ever tried to get your kids to grab a jacket on the way out the door when it’s stifling hot? The temps have been sizzling for days so they’re sure you’re nuts! (Let’s face it. They were already convinced!) But this is it. Your kids rolled out of bed with only minutes to […]

Keeping it Real: Seeing Is Believing?

Have you ever spent time with a blind man?  It’s an eye-opening experience.  No really!  You see things you never saw before. Life was never easy for my brother, Stewart.  The day I was born, my toddler brother was in the same hospital FIGHTING for his life.  DOCTORS eventually discovered Stewart had juvenile diabetes.  He […]

Keeping It Real Turns TEN!

PHOTO BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE  Believe it or not, I’ve been “Keeping It Real” with you for ten years now! Crazy, huh? So much has transpired in these 4,380 days together. Who could have imagined a world like this a decade ago? (Even the Jetsons missed the part about the world shutting down.) I remember […]


For the most part, I’m a doer. I spend my days getting things done. One of the most exhilarating highs of my day is checking off my to-do list. (Some of you get this. Some of you loathe this!) While some people talk stuff to death, the world needs somebodies that actually “get ‘er done!” […]