Homeowners spend a significant amount of time and money inside their homes to ensure there is a desired ambiance and proper task lighting, but thoughtful consideration for exterior illumination is equally important.

Professionally designed and installed architectural and landscape lighting is an artform that becomes an asset to any upscale home and will increase its value far beyond the cost of installation. When considering the ever-increasing daily stress and the hassle, expense and uncertainty of vacation travel, it begins to make perfect sense that more people are choosing to invest in their homes and spend their recreational time in their own backyards. Whether considering adding landscaping features, hardscaping, gardens, pathways, decks, arbors, cabanas, or pools, lighting these spaces is an integral part of creating a resort-like experience for entertaining. Whatever the reason may be for adding outdoor lighting, more sophisticated homeowners are using the services of professional outdoor lighting specialists to enrich their outdoor spaces and to make them more usable, more enjoyable, and more beautiful as evening falls.

Castlelights, the Triad’s premiere, award-winning architectural and landscape lighting company has been designing, installing, and servicing low voltage landscape lighting systems for over 20 years. They have extensive experience and expertise to know what works well, stands the test of time, and looks great. There are many options available to homeowners, but Castlelights has earned an exemplary reputation and is well respected in the industry because of the exceptionally high quality of work and products (manufactured in the USA) that are as durable as they are attractive. Tim Burge, owner of Castlelights, and his associates are hands-on and treat each project as though it was their own property. “It’s personal,” says Tim. Castlelights will always stand behind their work.

7 Reasons to Consider an Outdoor Lighting System

  • Aesthetic Appeal – exterior lighting creates ambiance and adds a touch of elegance to your home and property
  • Safety – highlighting steps, walkways and revealing potential trip hazards will help you and your guests safely navigate your property after dark.
  • Home Security – illuminating dark areas of your property will deter a potential intruder, home invasion attempts and/or negate other malicious activity that could be conducted unnoticed under the cover of darkness.
  • Accent – outdoor lighting becomes an integral part of the landscape plan and emphasizes favorite architectural and landscape features.
  • Visibility – provides lighting to an area that is typically dark and uninviting.
  • Functionality – purposeful and decorative lighting makes it possible for you and your guests to further enjoy outdoor interests such as cooking, dining, and other recreational activities later into the evening.
  • Increase Property Value – Studies show that professional outdoor lighting can add up to 20% of the perceived value of a home. Further studies indicate that 50% of potential homebuyers claim that outdoor lighting is an important feature to consider when buying a home.

Granted, there are many homes in the area with exterior illumination, but hundreds of satisfied customers agree that homes with the Castlelights touch stand out above the rest. Whether it is a brand new project or an older system in need of a makeover, Tim guarantees, “Castlelights will showcase key focal areas, tie everything together and put a bow on it!” The difference lies in the strategic placement of soft lighting around the home and landscape features by carefully crafting every aspect of the project. Outdoor lighting designs by Castlelights have a luxurious feel and exhibit an artistic flare that accentuates details that likely go unnoticed during the day but come to life at night. The result is always as beautiful as it is functional!

The unwavering commitment to excellence, high-quality standards, stellar service, and remarkable products are complemented by Tim’s creativity, passion, and enthusiasm to guarantee that every outdoor space looks amazing. Tim shares that he sometimes drives around town looking at lighting systems with the same sense of wonder others experience when looking at brilliant holiday light displays. It is not uncommon for him to hop out of his vehicle to replace a burned-out bulb or tweak a lighting fixture to ensure the visual impact of a Castlelights system is optimized.

Whether the desired exterior lighting system installation is primarily functional or destined to become an inviting atmosphere with incredible ambiance, Castlelights will help determine the best system for the homeowner’s needs and preferences.

Beautiful outdoor lighting creations begin with Castlelights.

Look no further than Castlelights for “Outdoor lighting for YOUR Castle.” The lighting experts service Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and surrounding areas. They also service most other areas in North Carolina and select areas in Virginia and South Carolina. Call them today at (336) 505-4913 to see what they can do for you.


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