Bring on the Lights!

Retailers know it well – the challenge to find that pivotal time to introduce the next season’s inventory to appropriately entice our emotions to move forward – and sure, we all have that friend who seems over-zealous when it comes to pulling out the holiday lights and decking the halls a wee bit early.

But with this emotionally charged year as a backdrop, we’re betting most of us will be drawn to decorating our porches, offices, and street corners a little on the early side, and if that brings you joy, do it! Here are some good reasons to spread some much-needed hope and merriment earlier than usual and a few tips on getting started, so if Christmas is your thing – bring it on!


  • Psychologists have confirmed early holiday decorating can lift our spirits and improve our overall outlook, as decorating appeals to every one of the senses. In general, lighting affects us much more than we may realize – even struggling to read in a dim room can make you cranky, right? Light is simply good for the soul!
  • Think about the renewed emphasis on “home” this past year, and you may be inclined to dig out your own childhood ornaments to add to your family celebration. Christmases past may be more important than ever, as we treasure our own memories and share them – maybe for the first time – with our children.
  • If you’re missing a family member who can’t be home this year, reflecting on last year’s festivities may lift your mood. Frame a holiday photo of the person and keep it in a prominent place you’ll see every day, and organize a Zoom get-together while you’re decorating, so everyone feels a part of the fun – even if it’s virtual!
  • Bright colors are known to increase energy levels (known as chromotherapy or color therapy), and who couldn’t use extra energy during the month of December?
  • Sitting in front of your brightly shining Christmas tree is guaranteed to elevate your mood more than watching the current world news on TV.


  • Start small. If you’re struggling with adjusting your home space to include an office or a school desk this year, add a few strands of twinkling lights around windows, and that space will be a lot more inviting.
  • Looking for positive inspiration? Establish a new family tradition such as making this the year you “choose and cut” your own Christmas tree to decorate, take a family vote on clear versus colored lights, and get creative with trimming those branches.
  • A lighted door wreath or strands of lights on the porch or lamppost out front is a good beginning, too. If there’s one common thing we’re doing more of this year, it’s walking. A nighttime stroll is even nicer with glowing lights, and chances are good your neighbors will be grateful!
  • Inspire some community spirit and encourage your entire neighborhood to deck the halls early, too. You’ll feel joyful – and welcomed! – every time you drive home! Check on holiday light displays where you live also – some may be scaled down this year, but still open early. If you can’t visit the magic in person, look for virtual light displays to enjoy with your family.
  • Some experts say the anticipation of the holidays is much like the anticipation and preparation for a big vacation. The “before” time is as important as the day itself – so make this the year you make the most of extra time at home and let those lights shine early!



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