Bloomday Granite & Marble: Family Ties

Their reputation for the finest natural stone surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms is one of both superior craftsmanship and service, but Bloomday Granite & Marble also prides itself on treating every customer like family. It’s easy to see where their spirit of camaraderie comes from when you meet their team, who combine years of experience in related fields with impeccable customer care and compassion.

Tonya Hunsinger, Sales Manager

Tonya’s attention to detail ensures problematic situations are handled at the beginning of the design process, and not last minute. “We see each encounter with a customer as unique,” says Tonya. “It’s not a script you hear from us, and we want you to feel great about your experience and recommend us to family, friends, and neighbors.”

Jennifer Kresge, Sales

 “The quality of care given to every customer’s project sets us apart,” says Jennifer. “Bloomday has a reputation of integrity and respect in the community, and we want that to last.” With a background in showroom sales, she especially loves interacting with customers.

Leigh Davis, Scheduler/Commercial Project Management, Doug Saintsing, Commercial Sales Manager

Leigh knew firsthand from her brother – a contractor who works exclusively with Bloomday – that they are known for their 24-hour to 48-hour response policy. Leigh also knows the role of scheduler/project manager often means her hours aren’t 9 to 5, but keeping customers 100% satisfied comes first. Doug keeps a sharp eye on this growing company’s future. “I read constantly to stay updated on trends, as well as looking at potential areas where we can build the business,” he says. Doug worked in advertising sales before running his own company for 13 years, and knows what makes Bloomday a success. “Everyone takes ownership of their work, and the company is a true reflection of that!”

Miranda Kempton, Sales Representative/Marketing

“Our team knows how to handle each situation in a productive, positive way,” says Miranda. “Everyone has their own thing that they bring to the table, and with a family-owned business, everyone is able to stand out in their own way.” She taps her own creative side by overseeing Bloomday’s website and social media pages.

Abigail Lucas, Receptionist

“We are very customer-centric,” says Abigail. As the first face a customer sees, her welcoming personality provides a wonderful first impression of the Bloomday family. “I have always supported local and family-owned businesses, and feel like I’m not just a number in this company, which makes me love my job even more!”

Elizabeth Bloch, Sales Representative

With a customer service/sales background, Elizabeth thrives in a customer-centered environment. “We are very team-oriented and willing to jump in to help each other,” she says. Having studied design in college, she uses her passion for bringing elements together to help clients design their dream kitchens and bathrooms.

Anna Turner, Purchasing Agent/Manager, Julie Shell, Office Manager/Human Resources

Behind the scenes, purchasing manager Anna monitors product, pricing, and availability of the Bloomday line, while maintaining strong relationships with vendors to ensure quality and prompt deliveries. “We are family,” she says. “We help each other in bad times, and when times are good, we celebrate.” With a background in business administration, Julie fills the role of office manager seamlessly. “I feel our team’s best quality is our dedication to manufacturing a superior product,” says Julie. “We strive to perfect our communication with the customer and, in doing so, we achieve success with all projects – big or small.

Bob Sweeney and Doug Currie, Template Technicians

A 20-year industry veteran, Bob Sweeney worked for a small granite business in Massachusetts before moving south. “I help projects come to life, and that is very important to me!” says Bob. He and his wife fully felt the Bloomday family bond when their property suffered extensive tornado damage in 2017, and the team didn’t hesitate to spend their Memorial Day holiday helping clear debris. In the countertop business for 20 years, Doug most appreciates the level of open communication at Bloomday, as well as their goal to complete every job with Grade A quality. “My self-motivation is to do well and learn from others,” he says. “I also try to educate customers so they are confident in their purchase!”

Fred Cooke, President

Fred started Bloomday as an offshoot of his family’s memorial and building stone company in 2002. Immersed in the family business since the age of 16, he’s learned the value of an organization where everyone inspires each other on a daily basis. Skilled at creative problem solving, Fred likes the informal approach between team members when it comes to accomplishing goals. “I enjoy being part of the process,” he says. “I love the sense of accomplishment that comes from producing a quality product.”

Bloomday Granite & Marble is located at 3810 Indiana Avenue in Winston-Salem. Visit them online at, call 336-724-0300 to begin your own exciting kitchen or bath project, and follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for ideas and trends.


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