Black Mountain Chocolate Bar: Where Friends Gather

Almost as alluring as the rich, decadent sensory overload of chocolate itself, the new location of local favorite Black Mountain Chocolate is irresistible on its own, as a gathering spot for folks who appreciate hospitality and, of course, fine chocolate!

Owners Brent and Millie Peters love their new location behind the historic smokestacks in Innovation Quarter. An inviting locale in Bailey South, the new spot features expanded gathering and seating space, and immensely popular nighttime hours! The couple’s enthusiasm for their “second act” business venture is contagious, and as Brent worked at a chocolate shop while in college, it’s only fitting his love for the world’s favorite indulgence will also be his retirement plan.

Very much a family affair, Brent and Millie took turns offering Forsyth Woman a glimpse into their very sweet life!

FW: How did this whole thing get started?

BRENT: When people ask me how I got into chocolate, I tell themonly half kidding – that Black Mountain Chocolate is my little red sports car. The inevitable mid-life crisis arrived after many years as a corporate lawyer, and with the guidance of good friends, I realized that I needed the satisfaction of crafting a physical product – using my hands to make something delicious that people could share.

FW: Why chocolate? (Brent responds as we all probably would: Why not?)

BRENT: I love it, and I love to share the fascinating experience of making it. In America, we are just on the cusp of discovering the amazing variety of flavors that can be coaxed from the tropical fruit that gives us chocolate.

FW: Where did Black Mountain Chocolate come into the mix?

MILLIE: Brent purchased BMC (then in Black Mountain, NC) in 2013, and spent a year of long weekends there, following long corporate work weeks. Fortunately, he was able to learn the business alongside his daughter Megan, who had recently graduated from culinary school. In 2014, they moved the factory to the Big Winston Warehouse at the top of Trade Street. After we married, two of my sons worked there as well, learning the art of making chocolate.



FW: There was some magic to this story, correct?

BRENT: Chocolate does make magic! I had been single about a year at the time, and not yet open to new relationships, but I staffed a tasting booth for Black Mountain Chocolate during an Arts on Sunday event along Trade Street. One set of tasters was a lovely lady and her daughter. We had a nice chat about chocolate, but I still couldn’t see what was in plain sight! About a week later I joined and carefully studied the profiles, finally reaching out to a particularly intriguing lady. During our first phone conversation she asked, “Were you working at a chocolate tasting booth on Trade Street last week?” Indeed! That lady is now my wife and co-chocolatier. Chocolate ushered love into my life before I even knew what was happening. (Millie adds, “Ladies, imagine meeting a wonderful man on who owns a chocolate factory?”)

FW: What prompted the move to Innovation Quarter?

MILLIE: Business on Trade Street was fun, but space was limited and foot traffic was slow. In 2016, Megan earned a job as a pastry chef in New York City, and Brent began to re-evaluate the future of BMC. As his devoted wife and life-long chocolate lover, I encouraged him to go big or go home! To make his dream a shining success, we needed easier access and more space for our customers to enjoy chocolate – and both have come with the new Black Mountain Chocolate Bar.

FW: What’s that hidden spirit that continues to drive the success of Black Mountain Chocolate Bar?

BRENT: Owning a chocolate bar has been an amazing journey. It’s about more than chocolate, it’s about the experience each guest has every visit – engaging the senses and learning fascinating new facts about a familiar food, spending time with friends, and having fun. Black Mountain Chocolate Bar is actually a “hospitality bar” with the delicious added bonuses of chocolates, desserts, coffee, and now spirits!

Really a feast for all the senses, the Black Mountain Chocolate Bar menu features chocolate in endless varieties, along with bakery delicacies such as Salted Caramel Tart and S’mores Tart, cookies, and brownies! BMC now also makes its own ice cream right on site. Along with coffees and teas – hot or cold – the bar menu features a rotating selection of craft cocktails.

As always, their commitment to fair trade and organically sourced chocolate will continue, and Brent and Millie can’t wait for you to join them on their amazing journey of discovering chocolate, while creating a warm, engaging community!

Stop by soon with friends or schedule a meeting in this supremely comfortable setting! Black Mountain Chocolate Bar is located at 450 N. Patterson Avenue, Suite 110, Winston-Salem. Call them at 336-293-4698, or visit, where you can order online for pick-up and delivery. Hours are Tuesday and Wednesday noon – 6 p.m., Thursday noon – 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. – 11 p.m., Sunday noon – 6 p.m., closed on Monday. Bar hours are 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. Thursday, 2 p.m. – 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and noon – 6 p.m. on Sunday.


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