Benefits Beyond the Beach: Head to the Seaside this Summer or Fall for Health and Healing


Summer may be the most popular time for the beach-bound, but fall can be an even better time to head on over. The sun is not as scorching and vacationers aren’t flocking in droves. Don’t leave your swimsuit, sunnies, and sunscreen behind, though. Pack a cooler full of ice, drinks, and a picnic meal, or grab a take-out and spread out those beach towels. If you’re solo, entertain yourself with readables or music, and keep connected with a vid chat. Spin slowly in a circle to share a 360 view of the seaside scenery.

But, there are more benefits of going to the beach than just enjoying the experience. If you’ve been needing some R & R, it’s an ideal opportunity to focus on your health and healing. In addition to the surf, soothing ocean waves and sea salt with antiseptic properties of sodium and iodine, the sun, sand, and even seashells can be therapeutic.

Since ancient times, humans have valued the ocean’s transformational healing properties. It’s not just beneficial to our physical health; the ocean also offers calming, restorative, and meditative benefits that can aid our mental and emotional well-being. Studies have concluded that those living in coastal areas have experienced better health than the landlocked. And, in marketing research and the psychology of color, blue can be therapeutic and is associated with tranquility, depth, and wisdom.

SWIMMERS REJOICE! Immerse yourself in mineral-rich water that can boost your immune system, ward off bacteria and pathogens, and detoxify and nourish your skin. Saltwater can help reduce swelling and redness of skin irritations, draws impurities from the skin and absorbs minerals. Ideal for those with arthritis, ocean water can reduce inflammation and improve joint pain.

BYE-BYE BLUES! The blue hues of rhythmically soothing ocean waves embrace our eyes and ears, providing benefits to mental health. Reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and banish the blues of depression as you mindfully boost your mood. Can’t get to the ocean? You can still benefit from color therapy, thalassotherapy with sea products, and just by listening to ocean waves.

SWEETER SLEEP! While many factors can negatively inhibit sleep, seawater is working in our favor. In addition to soothing the senses, the ocean water normalizes blood pressure, improves oxygen levels, and balances serotonin levels. And, other beach-side elements in nature like sunshine, fresh air, and soft sand can complement your circadian rhythm, so you won’t be counting sheep all night.

SUNNYSIDE UP! Natural exposure to sunlight can brighten your day and put you in a sunnier mood, stimulating endorphins. A main source of Vitamin D, the sun’s rays can give you a daily dosage of D3 with many benefits, including heart health, protection of bones and muscles, and immune system support. But don’t overdo your sun exposure (best to limit to 10-30 minutes a day) and wear sun protection afterward to reduce your risk of sun damage and skin cancer.

SAND IT UP! Get gorgeously glowing and slough off those dead skin cells with the sand at the beach, a natural exfoliant that can improve your skin’s condition. Other benefits of exfoliating? Increase circulation, stimulate lymphatic system, and speed up healing and fading of scars. Want to benefit from an exfoliating scrub when you’re not at the beach, too? Combine sand or sea salt with your facial cleanser, body wash, or a plant-based oil (e.g., coconut, olive, or avocado oil). And there’s no other feeling quite like walking (and dancing) barefoot on the beach. Wonder why? With between 3,000 and 7,000 nerve endings in our feet, stepping into the soft sand can be a luxuriating experience.

SEASHELL IT UP! Not just beautiful mementos to decorate with, seashells can help you de-stress and be tactically therapeutic, just mindfully touching and holding them. Crushed seashells also serve many healthful and helpful purposes: wastewater cleaning, air purifying, construction material, fertilizer for soil, and calcium supplement for birds. And, of course, there are always creative ways to wear and decorate with seashells.

Benefit from your next beach trip, supporting your health and healing. Soak up sun, sand, and surf with a natural, outdoor oceanic spa experience!



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