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A shiny new year brings with it time for reflection, and for Ashley Herrick, a new marriage, a new salon location, and her enthusiastic passion for life have certainly come full circle!

A true artist of color and style, Ashley has managed to blend a successful following with her personal commitment to taking time for herself. She’s a big cheerleader in encouraging her clients to do the same, and if you’re also looking for a fresh start and a new look in January, Ashley is your girl!

For starters, Ashley relocated herself to a private suite at JC Salons in Winston-Salem this past year.

“My move has given me the opportunity to brand myself in my own space, rather than trying to place myself in someone else’s salon business,” she explains. “I’ve been able to create a space for my clients to enjoy, and the one-on-one experience has been great so far!”

Her business has grown so much that one of the biggest challenges has been finding enough evenings for all her working clients! Ashley says she’s beyond grateful to be as busy as she is. She knows she’s a wife and animal lover first and foremost, and that home life she cherishes got even sweeter this past year, as she also got married.

“I am blessed to have married a graphic designer, and he spent a lot of time creating a new logo for me,” says Ashley. “We plan to eventually have t-shirts made for clients as well. My goal in my new space is to break that typical ‘salon atmosphere’ mold that can be intimidating to a lot of women.”

Ashley’s new space is comfortable and relaxing, and she enjoys providing drinks and music to inspire positive conversation during appointments. You also won’t find her dressed in fancy attire or wearing heels – she’s a down-to-earth soul who’s much more at home enjoying her clients’ company in a casual setting, and getting to know each person’s story – and of course, their hair!

“All of my clients become my friends,” she notes. “I learn about their families, and they learn about mine. My clients have become my biggest support system and it only gets better with each new client that sits in my chair!”

She also stresses with her new salon setting providing a one-on-one experience, the conversations are always private, and her full attention goes to one single person at a time.

Ashley will be the first to tell a new client she’s not your typical stylist. She’s an artist of simple tastes and with that, she loves to focus on “lived in” color, and also prefers styles that look effortlessly natural on the client.

“I love taking someone’s natural hair color and enhancing it,” says Ashley. “Whether it’s covering gray, blending gray, or adding dimension and movement, I love it all! I do quite a bit of balayage and highlights, too, and those services are my favorites.”

Now that it’s January, Ashley is eager to meet new clients and encourage them to shake things up a bit! Are you thinking of a new look for 2022? One of her favorite tasks is taking virgin hair and enhancing it with a blended balayage or highlight. First on her list is always spending ample time consulting with a new client to make sure they are both on the same page color and style wise, and ready to make a change the client is totally comfortable wearing!

We asked Ashley for her top five tips for hair care, as we all resolve to pamper ourselves with a little extra self-love this year!

* My most important reminder is to make time for yourself! Whatever that means for you – and however you choose to put yourself first – do it!

* To start a new hair care regime off right, cut down on heat use and definitely add a heat protectant to your routine. (Ashley has several excellent options in the salon!)

* Pamper yourself by using professional hair care products! “It really does make a world of difference when it comes to the health of your hair, and how your hair will respond to color treatment.”

* Only shampoo your hair once or twice a week. Get creative on how to make your styles last longer … and your hair will thank you!

*See a professional stylist for your color! After all, your hair is something you literally wear every single day … don’t neglect the one accessory you can’t ever take off!

Always accepting new clients and happily making new friends, Ashley’s new salon is located at Salons by JC, Second Floor, Suite 4, 615 St. George Square Court, in Winston-Salem. Reach her at 336-608-7924, follow her on Instagram @ashleyhhairstudio, or book an appointment online at



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