American Moving and Hauling, Inc: A Heart of Service for Employees, Customers, and Community 


Setting your business apart from others in your industry can be accomplished in many ways. For Amy Jah, owner and manager of American Moving and Hauling, Inc., her philosophy of business begins with having a heart of service for her employees, extending to her customers, and using her business as an outreach to residents of the community in need of moving services.

Seeing a Need and Filling It

In 2005, Amy Jah opened American Moving and Hauling, Inc. Having worked as a manager of a storage company, she saw a need for reliable, conscientious, and detail-oriented moving and hauling services and she stepped up to fill that need.

“We are a woman owned company and I think that is important to know, because this is typically a male dominated industry. For us, being woman owned and operated means that we are great at communication and detail. We will keep you informed every step of the way and are always there if you need something. Currently, we have 32 employees, doing residential, commercial, long-distance up to 900 miles, as well as local moves. We also offer car transport, and packing and unpacking services. 

A People-Focused Business Philosophy

When Amy started her business, at the young age of 23, she was focused on getting established and on the ‘business’ aspect of her new venture, but with time, Amy has realized the importance of what her employees mean to her and the business.  “Our employees are dedicating portions of their lives to us by way of their dedication to work, and I think it is important to take care of our employees,” said Amy. “As we have gotten older, my husband and I have really seen what our employees mean to us, and how we can help make their lives better is now at the center of what we do — and has been for several years. We are at a point financially, where it is easier to help others’ needs. We are like family, and we try to take care of our own. We know in doing this, we create loyalty in our employees and because they feel valued and appreciated, and taken care of, they extend that care to our customers. Honestly, we give a lot of people a chance that other places won’t and I think that also brings a sense of loyalty to our brand and company. The biggest sense of pride I get is to see someone that really came from nothing grow into a skilled and reliable mover that is making a good income for themselves and his/her family. We are also offering a new scholarship program, with $2500 for an employee or dependent. They simply are required to show us they are enrolled in a secondary school, and write a brief essay on how the money would help in their educational journey,” Amy commented. 

Outside of the business, Amy is focusing on helping others in the community in need of moving services. “This year, in particular, we have made a commitment to be more a part of our community. We partner with some local organizations in our community to provide free move outs for domestic violence survivors, as well as helping people get into permanent housing. We often get calls from customers who are elderly and have very limited financial resources and we will often offer free moving, because it is the right thing to do and it feels right to do that,” stated Amy.

American Moving and Hauling, Inc. is located at 535 E. Clemmonsville Road, Winston-Salem, NC. They offer moving, packing, cleaning, and storage solutions. Visit them online at Call 336-765-3499 or email for a quote. ‘Like’ them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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