Always a Time for Tea: Love in Every Cuppa!

It’s hard to imagine life without a good cuppa tea to sip away our cares. Not only is tea delicious, it is also nutritious, rich in antioxidants, and has a multitude of health benefits. One of the most diverse drinks ever, and the most popular beverage worldwide after water, options for different types of tea are endless.

Like wines and beers, teas contain interesting orchestrations of flavor combinations that please the palette and speak to the senses. Enter Cuppa Love Teas with authentic tea blends that are “unlike any others you’ll find out there,” says founder and owner Susan Schabacker of her local Winston-Salem based tea business that launched at Twin City Hive Coffee Lounge this  past August and is making its way around town. Cuppa Love Teas can be found at a/perture cinema, Sixth and Vine Wine Bar, and Moji Coffee + More.

Whether you’re a local yokel or an international traveler just stopping by Winston-Salem for a visit, you can enjoy a Local/Location line of unique tea blends that make each place special and memorable. There’s WS (Winston-Salem), a green tea blend; PT (Piedmont Triad), a caffeine-free herbal tea blend; NC (North Carolina), a white tea blend; and USA (United States of America), a rooibos tea blend. Upcoming blends might just be GSO (Greensboro) and Sweet South!

Schabacker hopes to expand her line blend-by-blend and place-by-place and hopes to sell Cuppa Love Teas online from her website,, as well as from other store locations in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina and beyond.

Having enjoyed a marketing internship in London with the Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee, Schabacker is a fan of afternoon tea. The polite way to drink tea is to put your pinkies out, hence Cuppa Love Teas’ new blend “Pinkies Out,” which was blended specially with inspiration from Downton Abbey (Schabacker’s fav TV show) just in time for the launch at a/perture cinema where they now carry other Cuppa Love Teas tea blends.

Tea is so much more than just drinking a beverage. It is the ultimate experience of making, sharing, and sipping tea that is not to be missed and the pleasure of steeping loose, whole leaf teas that are vastly better quality than the typical tea bag filled with tea dust or “fannings.” Schabacker compares real tea to a garden-fresh ripe tomato versus a dull, lackluster store-bought tomato, and Cuppa Love Teas’ goal is to convert “tea virgins” into “tea lovers.”

The first distributor, Twin City Hive Coffee Lounge, warmly welcomed Cuppa Love Teas on board to the local scene. In addition to selling Cuppa Love Teas by the cup, they also sell packages of loose tea that make ideal gifts. ‘Tis the season for giving!

Schabacker is excited about selling teas at all of her beloved distributors and gives each one a special thank you. Twin City Hive is the perfect place to relax or work with a cuppa where tea goes hand-in-hand with the local Fools Gold honey. For moviegoers, a/perture is the place to catch a film and try a Cuppa Love Teas tea blend. Moji Coffee supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and works with The Enrichment Center.

Schabacker encourages even those who aren’t that fond of tea to give Cuppa Love Teas tea blends a try. If at first you don’t find your fav blend, try, try again. You may be pleasantly surprised. There’s something for everyone – for those who love a strong black tea, a less caffeinated green tea, a subtle white tea, or caffeine-free herbal teas and rooibos tea.

Connect with Cuppa Love Teas directly via email: and on social media: @CuppaLoveTeas on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and @TeasCuppa on Twitter. Also, please frequent the Cuppa Love Teas website: for more info and blog updates.

Feel the love in every cuppa and know how loved and special you are. Steep, share, sip, and savor a Cuppa Love Teas authentic tea blend and let us know your favs!



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