Why You Should Always Support Local Bands

Music is a powerful and moving thing. With just a few lines, you can be transported back in your mind to another time and relive good (and bad) memories. Music is one of the few things in the world that most enjoy. Everyone has a genre they are drawn to more than another. Whether it’s country, blues, rock, hip-hop, R&B, or pop, or maybe a mixture of them all, music gives people an outlet to express their creativity and share their passion with others.

Locally, in Winston-Salem, NC, and surrounding areas, we have amazing bands playing somewhere every night. Whether you live downtown or in the suburbs, there is a great scene of musicians, creating and developing their skills. So why should you take the time and go see bands that maybe you’ve never heard, of just because they are playing around the corner?

You May Not Have Heard Your Favorite Artist Yet

There are countless men and women sitting in their basements or in their bedroom writing songs that might be your favorite, and you just don’t know it yet. Perhaps their music will speak to you on a level that no one else has been able to reach…but you’ll never know if you don’t venture out and seize the opportunity to experience it!

Meeting New People with Similar Tastes

Wherever there are musicians sharing their love for creating, there is a community of people who support them, meeting others that have the same taste in music. For fans and musicians alike, a thriving scene for local music provides a group of people that are welcoming to anyone.

Live Entertainment…Nothing Else Like It!

If you had to choose between going to a bar and listening to a DJ spin the tunes and the artists you’ve always heard, or hear real-life instruments and singers playing live? The passion and connection you get from musicians performing provide an altogether different experience than just listening to popular music played through speakers.

Local Band and Street Performers Add Character to a City

On a beautiful autumn night, there’s nothing like strolling the streets of downtown Winston-Salem, seeing and hearing local bands in bars, but don’t forget about the amazing talent on the street corners. Street performing musicians sometimes park on a bench, or on an upside down bucket, playing for visitors going to dinner or just on an evening stroll. This talent gives our city an inviting ambiance for people to enjoy themselves.

Encouraging Musicians to Follow Their Passions

For musicians, having an outlet and support can be the most important aspect for succeeding. Everyone feels anxious performing for the first time or sharing a new original song, and your encouragement can drive them to keep pursuing their passion. That is one thing we need more of today, people who are happy with what they are doing and going after something that they love. When you’re in a setting with a live performance, the artists’ passion can be infectious.

By stepping out of your normal routine and giving local artists a try, you gain experiences with music you may never have had the opportunity to hear, and you just never know when that artist who has been going from gig to gig, weekend and week out, might be the next great thing, and you can say, ‘I knew them when…’



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