ALL Beautiful Women – ALL Different Types


All too often we fall into a narrow, closed-minded way of thinking of beauty in a limited, cookie-cutter kind of way. I believe God sees us all as beautiful in our own unique and special ways, and that’s how we should see ourselves to value both our inner and outer beauty.

There’s more to beauty than meets the eyes and there’s definitely more than one type of beauty. Sometimes we miss out on the individual beauty that we were born with and have grown into.

Here are some beauty types that you might relate to, but, of course, you don’t have to fit into any category or mold. You are beautiful just the way you are – the natural you.


You are all heart and value innermost beauty most. You can’t get any more caring or compassionate. You are a humble woman who counts her blessings and is filled with gratitude. Your number one mission is to help and give back. You are sweet and sensitive, putting others’ needs and desires before your own. If you were a symbol, you’d be – you guessed it – a huge heart! Your beauty is truly timeless and extremely important.


You are known for your savvy smartness. You’re not lacking in brightness and enjoy being clever and witty. These qualities are both attractive and admirable. Your beauty is in figuring things out, answering questions, and solving problems. One word of warning: you may be in high demand! Friends and even strangers who are aware of your intelligence and/or intuitiveness may not want to leave you alone. Remember, it’s okay to say “no” and guard your time and space.


You are modern and contemporary. You stay current, up to date, and with the times. Your beauty is fresh, and so 2020. You remain informed on what is “in” this year and coming up in trends. You are anything but old-looking (no matter your actual age). If you were a type of art, you’d be modern art and perhaps a bit abstract with elements of colorful cubism and geometric shapes. If you were a color scheme, you’d probably be bright, neon colors – refreshing and clean. Your type of music can’t quite be defined, though some may consider it more “indie.”


You are a classic, classy class act. Your beauty is timeless and you will never look dated. Your style is clean, simple, and streamlined. You are well-groomed and tailored, but not overdone or high maintenance. You never go wrong with a black and white wardrobe, and when dressing up, you look elegant in pearls. If you were an herb, you’d probably be rosemary – a classic to many dishes or a beautiful garnish. If you were a fruit, you’d probably be a lemon, a classic addition of refreshing flavor.


You are a rare beauty. You have a unique, strong ethnic look that people often associate with a particular place, country, or culture. You have the elegant, exotic, and ethnic look that turns heads and makes you unusually beautiful. In the fashion and modeling world, “ethnic” has had plenty of sun in the spotlight as an “in” beauty trend. So, if you’ve got Asian almond-shaped eyes, flaunt them just as they are. If you have a broad nose, don’t try to contour it. Be proud of your facial features. Don’t try to try to change your beauty or fit into a mold.


You are an interesting and unusual mixture of different cultures that makes people wonder what you are composed of. You represent the beauty of the world uniting with diversity that should be encouraged and appreciated. If you were a type of cuisine, it would be fusion – a variety of foods that join together to create a harmonious meal. If you were a musical genre, you’d be an eclectic mix of different styles.

There are so many more types of beauty to share! Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way – both inside and out. So appreciate and celebrate the beauty in you, and be your own kind of beautiful!


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