Aligned Health & Wellness: Empowering Neuropathy Patients Back to Full Lives

Husband and wife duo Drs. Jessica and Joshua Katz have made their practice — Aligned Health & Wellness — a reflection of their dedication to patient care that educates and supports the entire community. 

With their newest location in Winston-Salem, they’ve been able to broaden their scope of care, treating peripheral neuropathy with new techniques that are allowing patients to resume productive, active lives with their families. Their work is geared towards empowering people to reclaim their lives, despite the presence of neuropathy.

If you’re all too familiar with the symptoms of neuropathy, it’s likely you’ve put hobbies and physical activities on hold — everything from gardening in the back yard to enjoying nature walks with children or grandchildren.

“We know eliminating pain is the first step to getting patients back to their old lives,” says Dr. Jessica. “Our goal is for them to heal without surgery or the introduction of harmful medications.”

Grateful Winston-Salem resident Gale Fox has experienced firsthand the positive effects of neuropathy treatment at Aligned Health & Wellness, and is incredibly glad she was introduced to Dr. Jessica. Gale registered for one of the many lunch-and-learn opportunities Aligned Health & Wellness provides for the community.

“At the time, I had very little feeling in my feet, experienced problems with balance, and foot cramping at night,” explains the 81-year-old, who had also dealt with Type 2 diabetes for the last 10 years, along with arthritis in her knees. “I knew it would be a process — after all, I didn’t get neuropathy overnight, so I knew healing wouldn’t happen overnight.”

After being accessed by Dr. Jessica and discussing treatment recommendations, Gale began her journey with Aligned. 

With great enthusiasm, Gale says she hopes after the next 90 days when she returns to see Dr. Jessica, she’ll be able to leave her cane at home!

“I have feeling in my feet again, the nightly foot cramping stopped after one month, there is less swelling, and I’m finally able to walk a little in my kitchen without my cane,” she says. A true personal treat for Gale — she can also walk barefoot now safely, because she can actually feel what’s beneath her feet!

Even after her next visit, Gale will still receive lifetime care from Aligned Health & Wellness, and can call any time with questions or concerns. 

Attending that luncheon and getting to know the team at Aligned Health & Wellness  has been life-changing for the very personable Gale, who describes Dr. Jessica as “absolutely wonderful.”

“She is so full of life,” Gale adds. “I love that she is so open with me, and answers any and all of my questions.”

If you are noticing any of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing peripheral neuropathy — and you’ve already seen its effects on your everyday life:

* Numbness, tingling, burning, or itching in the extremities

* Dizziness while standing or while moving from sitting to standing

* Muscle spasms, cramping, or uncontrolled twitching

* Shooting or stabbing pains, which may be worse at night

* Loss of coordination or balance

* Hot or cold hands and feet, or changes in skin color

Dr. Jessica Katz is eager to get you started on your journey towards a life with less pain and more movement, where you can experience the treatments and programs offered by Aligned Health & Wellness. Convenient to Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and Walkertown, their newest location is open at 765 Highland Oaks Drive, Suite 200, in Winston-Salem. Learn more about their services devoted solely to peripheral neuropathy patients, or request an initial appointment at, or by calling 336-600-2477.


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