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Offering a beautiful blend of positive energy, rejuvenation, and natural elements, owner Christi Bradham and the staff of Aeracura Salon have met 2021 head on, by glowing – and growing!– on many different levels. Always with dedication to their mission, Christi is incredibly proud of her team, as the good changes keep coming!

“Last year, about three weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic started, we optimistically opened our second location, quietly nestled in the heart of Clemmons Town Center,” explains Christi. “While it has been a roller coaster of a year, both locations are growing stronger and better than ever.”

The original Aeracura Aveda Salon is located in historic Reynolda Village, and its welcoming ambiance was lovingly passed down to its sister salon in Clemmons, part of the intention to be as fully inspired by nature as possible.

“With the idea to open a second location came the ongoing goal of keeping our business surrounded by natural light from huge windows, just as we did when we opened the first location in 2015,” says Christi. “The right location for us always needs to meet the criteria of having endless natural light and spacious windows, and the Clemmons location is graced with huge, floor-to-ceiling windows that let in tons of natural light.”

The second location also introduces clients to a calming spa-like atmosphere, filled with the relaxing elements of nature and a soft palette of violets and deep purples to inspire the creative minds of the staff.

At both locations Aeracura is growing its hairstyling and esthetician teams, blending together a talented, creative, caring group of professionals who love what they do and truly work together as a team. Christi says she feels honored to work alongside such creative colleagues – with an energy that keeps the entire team’s passion for their work going strong.

Aeracura Salon is also very excited to be able to offer full-body treatments to care for the mind, body, and soul of each and every client!

“We have also added a wonderful massage therapist, Ashley Wren, and with her on board, we have carefully put together a Massage Collection and added it to our expansive spa menu,” explains Christi. Ashley brings with her a long list of certifications for many different relaxing, full body massage techniques, such as hot or cold stone, hot bamboo, Gua Sha and cupping, and she is even certified in NeuroMuscular Therapy, which combines the use of pressure and friction to release areas of strain in a muscle.

Falling right in line with Aeracura’s Aveda mission of loving and taking care of the earth, the salon is also excited to announce a new partnership with Vomor Hair and Lash Extensions.

“These hair extensions are beautiful, real, Remy hair that has been ethically sourced, and the lash extensions are made from ethically sourced fine silk,” Christi explains. “And all our estheticians and hair stylists have been Vomor certified.”

Both of these hair and lash extensions are cost-efficient, easy to put in, and add volume, thickness, and length without compromising the results.

“Other hair and lash extensions can harm the hair by being so heavy they pull the hair out from the root, or, are very uncomfortable and difficult to deal with in the upkeep,” says Christi. “Vomor has found solutions to these issues so anyone with fine, limp hair or fine, barely there lashes will absolutely love the natural look, combined with quick and easy results.”

Get to know the Aeracura staff,  check out their irresistible menu of spa services, and book an appointment online at Aeracura Aveda Salon is located in 101A Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem, 336-448-0792, and visit the newer Aeracura Salon and Spa at 6265 Town Center Drive in Clemmons, 336-448-2024.



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