Accent Prone – A Day in the Life of Accent Prone

Ask Co-owner Justin Lingafelt about the real magic behind the success of Accent Prone, and he’ll assure you it’s the well-assembled “Super Team” that backs the business every single day.

Side-by-side with his wife and co-founder, Cheri, this equally super duo of entrepreneurs is leading their Accent Prone family into a celebration of 12 years of defining eclectic style.

Cheri and Justin opened the store in 2012 in their hometown of Kernersville, NC, and since then, their family has grown – both personally (the addition of adorable sons, Brooks and Beckett) and professionally with a team that nurtures clients looking to elevate their personal spaces.

“Everyone deserves a pretty, relaxing home to return to at the end of the day,” says Cheri. “Our store functions dually as a showroom and shopping destination – but also as a point of inspiration for shoppers.” A lover of both rustic and modern design, Cheri takes pride in the store’s fully styled vignettes that beautifully showcase the product. Justin’s creative eye leans towards casual and contemporary, but he’s all about mixing in traditional elements. Both favor a hands-on approach to coordinating ideas with clients. “For example, when helping a customer create an arrangement of greenery, we not only help choose the pieces, but put it together in-store so the customer can see the finished result, as well. It gives us an opportunity to make adjustments so they leave with something that speaks to them and fits their home,” adds Cheri.

Commemorating their Kernersville location milestone in 2024 and recently launching a new store in Huntersville, NC, also means shining the spotlight on the dream team that keeps Cheri and Justin’s shared passion for furniture and the art of interior design going strong. Ask these talented folks what’s going on behind the scenes at the store on any given day, and you’ll hear words like creativity, growing, evolving and adaptability. No two days are the same, and if there’s a midday plot twist, you can bet the creative juices are flowing! 

The personal inspirations they share here vary, but the end goal for this savvy team is always the same – collaborating with clients to accent their lives.

For Madison – fashion buyer and assistant manager – inspiration flows from introducing the newest fashion and jewelry finds on social media and encouraging customers to try something on if it catches their eye! Noting her own style as “old soul” meets new and trendy, she loves the camaraderie within the store. “Even though we each have our niche, being part of a team that grows together is something you don’t find everywhere!” 

Julie – interior designer – is equally inspired to take on a big job such as a model home or a smaller-scale one-room renovation and loves that she can be as creative as she wants to be! “My personal style has evolved over the years, but what has stayed the same is my eclecticism – that common Accent Prone theme.” She enjoys guiding customers towards repurposing items from one space to another, giving an old object new life.

Dexter, the store’s master of warehousing and deliveries, has his own secret formula to stay inspired – always approaching the day with positivity while ensuring everyone is on the same page, prioritizing duties and continuing to always offer each other positive reinforcement.

Gina and Sarah, both visual merchandisers, discover inspiration in the constantly changing rhythm of the store itself – switching things up on a daily basis and having fun with new styles! Fellow visual merchandisers, Makenzie and Regan, find their creative push through collaboration with clients and each other. Based at the new Lake Norman location, Regan is ready to introduce new clients to the Accent Prone life!

While describing her own style as a mix of boho and traditional with a heavy dose of vintage,  Store Manager and Visual Merchandiser Erica shows customers a product’s “suggested use” but explains it’s fun to use pieces in a new way and make it their own. Emma, social media and marketing guru, feels inspired watching customers style Accent Prone’s furniture and décor to reflect their own personal tastes and loves how the team nudges them to think boldly! “Collaboration is always at the root of a typical day. Whether I’m lending a hand in the store or editing a reel for Instagram, there’s teamwork – and that’s my favorite part.”

All agree the ever-changing workflow means they could spend a morning painting the front wall a fabulous new color or staging a new corner to perfection. “Busy doing all the things!” says Erica, but working with customers always comes first.

Emma shares words of wisdom that may be the best of all: “Don’t be afraid to not be ‘on trend’  – if you love it, it will always be in style!”

Accent Prone is located at 1022-F South Main Street in Kernersville, NC, 336.310.4753. Store hours are Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and the warehouse is open to customers on select Saturdays or by appointment. Learn about their interior design services at, email and follow them on Instagram @accentprone for glimpses of new products and upcoming events! Accent Prone’s newest store in Lake Norman is now open at 15435 NC-73, Huntersville, NC, 980.987.9394.


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