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Supporting small businesses is more than a trend – it’s a lifestyle that many of us embraced even before the pandemic. I know that every year for holiday shopping, I aim to purchase local goodies for my loved ones: a handmade scarf, tea from the local shop, maybe even some Cheerwine if my parents want.

What about larger ticket items? How can we get the same love and care that small business brings to something like jewelry?

Lucky for us in Forsyth County, specifically Winston-Salem (and if you’re reading this in Charlotte, you, too!), we have a Windsor Jewelers here in town. Windsor Jewelers was started in 1986 by Rob Simon as a curation of his experiences, knowledge, and dream to have the finest independent jewelry store in the Carolinas. One more goal of Rob and Windsor Jewelers? Unparalleled customer service and supreme experience for every client that walked in the door – a goal they have had no problem fulfilling on their over 30-year history.

Natalie Sherrill, Assistant Manager and Lead Buyer, has worked for Windsor Jewelers for 18 years. “I like to get to know my customers. This helps me select special items tailored to them and the occasion.” This relationship-building shows. “Natalie was warm, welcoming, patient, and attentive. Her impeccable customer service exceeded my every expectation,” said Mynetta Burney Edwards, a customer of Windsor Jewelers.

“I have been part of hundreds of packages being opened on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. One of my favorite things is having both people in a couple buying presents for each other on the same day,” Natalie said. “I’ve had to deliver a gift to one customer in the parking lot while the other half was in the store shopping.”

Windsor Jewelers has expanded several times to keep up with the immense customer response: in 1986 it opened on Fourth and Cherry Street; in 1991 it expanded to a new, larger location outside of downtown on Knollwood Street; and just four years later, moved to the current location at 526 South Stratford Road. “Over the years, fashion has constantly evolved and we keep up with the trends,” said Natalie. “People dress much more casually now, and jewelry styles changed to become much more fun and playful, meant to be worn every day.”

“We had an explosion of wonderful jewelry being created in sterling silver versus exclusively yellow gold,” Natalie said. “We have an extensive collection of jewelry and watches to suit any occasion. We also have two very talented goldsmiths on hand to create one-of-a-kind treasures for our customers with a particular vision.” Aside from custom design and jewelry, Windsor also offers watch service, including repair, batteries and appraisals.

The attentiveness to the trends and exceptional customer service not only allowed for the Winston-Salem growth and expansion: Windsor Jewelers launched a Charlotte store in 2013 with the help of Ben Simon, Rob’s oldest son and General Manager Kevin Slusher. “The owners also support the communities, both Winston-Salem and Charlotte, and their charities in many ways,” said Natalie. From jewelry, watch donations, proceed-sharing and honoring local police heroes with watches, Windsor Jewelers isn’t just another jewelry shop, it’s one that cares about the customers and people around them.

“We love meeting new customers, especially when they come and visit the store to see what we’re all about,” said Natalie. If you need one more reason to come out and visit Natalie, take it from another customer. “Each item I have acquired from Windsor has been selected to fit my personality and lifestyle. With her assistance, Natalie takes the time to listen, observe and take the necessary steps to make the recommendation!” said customer Laura McKnight. “I am thankful for the memories and joy each purchase at Windsor continues to make in my life.”

Windsor Jewelers is located in Winston-Salem at 526 S. Stratford Road and is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and closed Sunday. During the holiday season, Windsor Jewelers will be open 7 days a week with some extended hours for all shopping needs. For more information please visit Windsor-Jewelers.com, email Natalie at Natalie@Windsor-Jewelers.com, or call 336-721-1768. For more information about the Charlotte location, please visit the website or call 704-556-7747.


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