The 7 Times When Things Seem Right with the World

In this crazy, perhaps, chaotic world, there are at least seven times when, if for just a moment, things really seem right with the world. I’m not talking about winning the lottery, losing those last 10 pounds, or making it home on an empty tank of gas (although those are pretty awesome). I’m talking about the little, minute times, often overlooked, when your soul says, ‘Ahhhhhh.’

Think of the last time you bought a new hardback book. No Kindle or paperback, but a real book. You get that new bestseller or self-help, motivational read home and you’re comfy on the couch, in your thick robe, feet up with a cup of tea or coffee and reach for that book. That sound of the glue in the spline, in book terms, where the pages come together when you crack it open for the first time is the best. It rarely makes that sounds again with subsequent readings, but that first time is the best. Part of this moment of euphoria is also the smell of the ink and paper. Yep, I’m that weird. It’s the writer coming out in me. I don’t do electronic reading; I have to have the hardback book for these reasons. I just internally said, ‘Ahhhhh.’

2)   When you’ve been outside on a hot day working in the yard or sitting by the pool, nothing is better than a cold soda or beer, for some. Either way, the sound that an ice cold beverage makes when you pop the top starts to quench your thirst immediately. Your mouth knows what’s coming and it’s ready for that cold liquid to take away the heat of the day. Now that is a moment of extreme ‘Ahhhhh’ – that first sip. The following gulps lose something, although they continue to satisfy. There’s just something about that first one.

3)   Buying groceries isn’t one of my favorite things to do. In fact, I try and put it off as long as I can, usually until I only have mustard, mayo, and crackers left. As I cruise up and down the aisles, it actually comes to mind how awesome a new jar of peanut butter would be. So I grab one, and when I get home, nothing gets put in the pantry until a spoon is dug into that new peanut butter. Oh, my goodness. What a great time. That following spoonful just lacks something, but oh, the first one is wonderful.

4)   Along the same lines is the moment you open a fresh bag of chips or, in my case, when on the rare occasion I indulge, Cheetos or Doritos. You know what awaits when the seal of the bag is torn, and you get impatient if the bag doesn’t part like the Red Sea. Unless you eat the entire bag, which I don’t recommend, the chips, Cheetos or Doritos will never, ever be as they were that first time. Two hours or two days later, it’s just not the same.

5)   When I get a package from Amazon, I’m almost as excited about the bubble wrap in the box as I am about what I ordered. I tear into that sealed box, risking a broken nail and pull out my new gadget, set it aside and start popping the bubble wrap. I can be having the worst, most stressful day and just those few pops can brighten it. I wonder if the guy who invented bubble wrap ever knew that it could be such a stress reliever? Thank you, Mr. Bubble Wrap inventor for taking the place of a Xanax, on occasion.

6)   Growing up during in the era of shag carpet led me to the belief that vacuuming is a good thing. You never really knew what was lurking in that deep pile carpet creation; there could be anything from a steak knife, to a lost earring, to the neighbor’s Chihuahua buried in that stuff.  Beyond the whole cleanliness thing, which is very important, was the tracks left as you ran the Electrolux over that mile high flooring. I love me some carpet tracks. Today, I have hardwood floors and very little carpet because of the five pups I have, but you can bet, breaking out the vacuum on those carpet areas, although not shag, brings a smile to my face.

7)   Of all the moments when things seem right with the world, my personal favorite is at the end of a long day, slipping into a bed with clean sheets. I swear I hear not only myself say ‘Ahhhh,’ but the angels in heaven sing ‘Hallelujah.’ You might argue with me on the previous moments mentioned, but I think 100% of people and 10 out of 10 dentists would agree, clean sheets are the absolute best!

The next time one of these moments of pureness arises, just take a second to be thankful that in this crazy world, you actually recognized that some things just make you smile and that life is so good.


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