Triad Minority and Women’s Business Expo

WRITTEN BY CORPORATE PARTNER, KATHLEEN DERINGER OF TRULIANT Over nine years ago, Reginald McCaskill, himself an entrepreneur and minority business owner, along with his wife, Aimee, saw a need in the community – and decided to address it. That need was for greater exposure and access to support for minority and women-owned businesses. “We minority […]

On the Road Again: How to Spend Seven Days in Missouri

Missouri is likely not on your travel bucket list, but that doesn’t mean it should be underestimated as a great vacation spot for all ages. Here’s how to spend seven days in the “Show Me” State. Day 1: Arrive in St. Louis Book a multi-city flight arriving into St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) and […]

Building a Successful Creative Team

Article and Photos by Jodie Brim, Owner, Jodie Brim Creative To thrive, hiring the right people at the right time is essential. I have worked with my team members for a minimum of two years and know them well. I have leaned into my zone of genius while trusting that they’re leaning into their zone […]

Take a Vacation from Yourself

I called you this weekend but didn’t hear back. I was worried. Yeah, sorry. I took a vacation from myself. You what? I took a vacation from myself. Here’s the thing about my dear friend Lynda – you never know what to expect, or what startling wisdom lies just below the surface of her signature […]

Nichols Hearing & Audiology:  The Technology of Hearing

Perhaps you remember the clunky hearing aids of yesteryear.  Maybe your grandparents wore them, and you remember their ongoing struggle with the awkwardness of the device and constant volume issues.  Thankfully, the old style of hearing aids has gone by the wayside, and technology has stepped in, making the gift of hearing more accessible and […]

Dear June

Remodeling your kitchen and or bath seems like a reasonable thing to do these days. There is currently a shortage of houses for sale.  It makes sense to update what you have and enjoy your home.  When the time is right to sell, your home will be up to date, easier to sell, and probably more […]

Opposites Attract at West End Winston-Salem’s Opal & Onyx Hair Co.

PHOTO BY MEGAN BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY Triad locals are familiar with DASH Beauty, one of Winston-Salem’s esteemed salons for bridal styling, hair color, and more. DASH Beauty owner Rachel Newsome and her partner in crime Macey Ford, an experienced color specialist, are excited to introduce Winston-Salem residents to Opal & Onyx Hair Co., a chic salon […]

Keeping it Real: “TO COME IN BETWEEN”

Ever read Scripture that sounds completely out of character for God? Here goes: “…the Lord said to Moses, ‘Let Me alone now….’” (Exodus 32:9) Did God really just say that?! Have you ever in your life fathomed such a thing?! But it’s what God said, and I believe He meant it! You see, no matter […]

When a Headache is More Than a Headache – Living With Migraines

One in four women has had a migraine headache. In fact, the debilitating headaches affect three times more women than men. In the United States, over 37 million men, women, and children suffer from migraine, but fewer than five percent of those affected have been accurately diagnosed or are receiving appropriate care. Some of the most common types […]

Surviving Office Politics

Most organizations have some degree of office politics. In fact, some offices resemble an episode of Survivor where you need to determine who you’ll trust, who you won’t, and who you’ll form alliances with. As Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a political animal.”  Politicking in an organization involves gaining power and influence over others to […]